5 Delicious Ways to Cook With Matzo for Passover

matzo recipesHappy Pesach, chosen ones. It's that time of year when the Jewish tradition of not eating leaven bread makes everyone reach for the matzo. Representing the exodus from Egypt by the Jews (they left so quickly there was no time for the bread to rise) you have to keep any leaven bread products off the menu. It may sound totally boring, but if you dress up that matzo even your kids will eat it!

So ditch the plain matzo and serve up these super fun treats instead.






Matzo Ball Soup

A crowd favorite, you can keep it simple with this delicious recipe for the "Jewish penicillin." Bonus, if someone at your table actually has a cold.

Chocolate-Covered Caramelized Matzoh Crunch

The extra "h" is for "Hello, there!" There as many ways to spell matzo as recipes for covering that stuff in chocolate. But David Lebovitz has really nailed it with this easy, yet totally upscale recipe. Cannot wait to dig into this business.

Matzo Meatloaf

Have lots of leftover matzo after Passover is over? Use it to make a delicious meatloaf. Genius!

Cinnamon Matzo Brei

You can go sweet or savory, but I went sweet as well as making it gluten-free. Oh yes, you can go gluten-free with your matzo this Passover for the sensitive of stomach.

Matzo Meal Pancakes

Turn your matzo into meal via the highest setting on the food processor, and make a post-Passover breakfast.

How do you like your matzo?


Image via dremeil/Flickr

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