America's Best Supermarkets Revealed -- Is Yours on the List? (VIDEO)

grocery cartWhere's the best place to go grocery shopping? Consumer Reports asked 24,203 readers to rate 52 grocery store chains on price, quality of meat and produce, service, and cleanliness. Then they ranked the winning stores in their May issue.

The biggest surprise is good news for the little guys: A lot of smaller, regional chains rank higher than bigger chains like Target and Whole Foods! Trader Joe's and Costco are the only two big, national brands in the top 10.


Are you surprised that the smaller chains do so well compared to the big guys? I bet local stores do a better job of catering to our needs -- and I wonder if competing against the big guys makes them work harder, too. By the way, the top-ranking chain, Wegmans, is also a favorite of Alec Baldwin. He did a commercial for them earlier this year. As for me, I do some of my grocery shopping at that food coop. I'd love to see how it would rank in Consumer Report's survey -- ha!

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The top 10 stores from #10 to #1 are: Stater Bros., Hy-Vee, Raley's, Market Basket, Harris Teeter, Costco, Fareway Stores, Publix, Trader Joe's, and Wegmans.

And here's a few tips for saving money on grocery shopping, wherever you shop!

Is your favorite supermarket in the top list?


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