Vanilla Crisis Will Mean More Chocolate Ice Cream Cones This Summer

vanilla crisis
A Dark Day for Vanilla
Did you hear? There's a VANILLA CRISIS! Bad harvests in Mexico and India (two of only a few countries that produce the vanilla bean for consumption) mean that we are way short on vanilla for mass consumption. So you know what this means, right? Cookies, pies, cakes, and yes -- ice cream -- are about to get a heck of a lot more expensive. Some experts say that your vanilla ice cream could jump as much as 10 percent in cost. Also, apparently, because vanilla is the most expensive spice second only to saffron. Who knew?

Personally, I'm freaking out because not only do I bake with vanilla on a weekly basis, I love my black and white shakes from In 'N' Out. In fact, when someone asks what team I'm on, it's always team vanilla. Whatever, ever, ever will those of us on the "V" team do? Please don't say chocolate.

I can't even believe I'm saying this, but perhaps it's time to explore imitation vanilla. What's in that stuff, anyway?


Unlike the vanilla pods harvested from the vanilla orchid, artificial vanilla actually comes from the pulp in papermaking. Also, if you're in America, you might be enjoying "natural flavoring" of vanilla taste via "castoreum, the exudate from the castor sacs of mature beavers ..." Oh. My. God.

Okay, a straight-up chocolate milkshake is not sounding so bad after all. I suppose my vanilla latte can be turned into a mocha. And Pepperidge Farm makes a nice layer cake in chocolate only as well.

But vanilla, I'll be back. Just as soon as you get your production issues sorted out, and those orchids bloom once again -- I'm your gal.

Will the vanilla crisis dramatically affect your life?

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