'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Has a Spicy New Gig Lined Up (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham SophiaShe's baaaaaaaack! And Farrah Abraham is not taking the news that Teen Mom has been cancelled sitting down. The single mom who managed to finish her culinary degree while filming the reality show has cooked up a new money-making venture to put food on the table for daughter Sophia.

The answer? Tomato sauce! Italian hot pepper sauce to be exact. If the tempers of the women involved in making it are a sign, it should be hot and spicy indeed!

Farrah has teamed up with none other than her mom Debra (as well as Sophia) to create Mom & Me Foods. Their first creation is something they're touting as a recipe brought to America by their Italian ancestors, and they promise it's chock-a-block with yummy veggies including hot banana peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

Mmm. Doesn't sound bad at all, honestly. I like a little kick to my red gravy. And they hit on a big trend in the market at the moment: in an ad Farrah and Debra created in an attempt to win a Wal-Mart-sponsored contest to get their food on grocery shelves nationwide (voting ends today), they say it's gluten-free. Smart marketing. 

Even smarter? Using adorable little Sophia in their "commercial." She's not a baby anymore, but she is absolutely adorable when she chows down on mama's eats. Just look:

After fighting like, well, a teen mom and her daughter over the past few seasons, Farrah and Debra seemed to have moved past the really hard stuff, including charges of domestic violence. Going into business with one another is risky, but there are some people who swear that emotions go straight into the food -- and a heated relationship is perfect for a hot and spicy sauce. 

I guess we'll see if those on-screen therapy sessions are really working out and whether they'll make a go of it in the food biz. At least she's off her butt and doing something and not depending on MTV to keep providing for her child! I hope it works out for them.

What do you think is going to happen with this venture? Would you buy Farrah's food?


Image via Mom and Me Foods/YouTube

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Lisa Werb

Better yet, she needs to start a mommy and me, cooking show.

Jaclyn Dunnett

i say goodluck to her at least she is trying to do something to provide for her child hope it all goes well

criss... crissydancer05

i think shes def trying, just like any other single parent should. And no, i probably would not since im sure it would have her name on it which of course jacks up the price.

Jodi Marie Hemperley

Think it was great,but Farrah should have been the speaker.

nonmember avatar Michael Abraham

Yes check out the nam...I am the real and Sophia's Papa! And I am proud of Farrah, Debra, and my Granddaughter Sophia. Thank you for everyone's support and those who shared their kind words...the others well "what have you done" to support your child or family...Farrah is hard working and so is her mother Debra ....I just wished the haters out there would funnel their energy for doing some good for their families for themselves instead of bad mouthing someone.

mnkursoz mnkursoz

I say good for Farrah as she is working hard to support her little family! I love the commercial, Sophia is a doll! Though I would have liked to have Farrah do the talking, I'd bet her voice would be more recognizable to the masses. Great job Farrah!

nonmember avatar christy

I wish every success for Farrah. She worked hard and deserves to have a wonderful future for Sofia and herself. I am glad she is in business with Debra, but I pray Debra keeps her place as a grandmother, not a mother. Sofia need to be with Farrah full time, not Debra. There are daycares when she cannot be with her.
She is the only teen mom of either season that has really worked hard to make a living for them. Unlike Macy, she does not need "Spring Break" "Girls NIght Out" or to cuss on tape with her child sitting right there.
Good for Farrah!! By far the best mom of all

nonmember avatar Ashleigh

I also think Farrah should be doing the talking. Debras voice sounds monotone and boring. she doesn't sound excited about what she's trying to sell. If your not excited, debra, then why would we be excited to try it?

Connie Bowen

Yes, I'm going to try if I love I'll continue. I wish her the best and hope one day she is happy truly happy and release all her pain!

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