Kim Kardashian Spotted Getting Her Fast Food Fix at Wendy’s

kim kardashian wendy'sOh look, here's a picture of Kim K getting her fast food fix at a Wendy's in an airport in the Dominican Republic.

Oh Kim, why are you doing this to me? Now all I can think about are mean jokes like "so that's how she keeps her tushie cushy!" No! I didn't mean it! There is no shame to being photographed holding those bags. None whatsoever! I'm so not judging you -- at all. Really.

Of course, Kim has been working out six day a week and trying to watch what she eats lately. She tweeted last week, "I've been trying to change my bad eating habits -- slow process but its working. I feel so much better! Sugar, dairy & gluten free. HARD!"

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Oh no, how the mighty have fallen already! Days later, NOM at Wendy's. Kim, Rule #1 about healthy eating makeovers is don't tweet about your new eating habits and then do a photo op gettin' burgers. Guess that new diet lasted almost as long as her marriage! Badump bumb!

Aw damnit, there I go again. I swear, it's compulsive -- like when you just can't resist eating one more fry. Poor Kim, she just wanted a little treat. And goodness knows the options at airports aren't exactly healthy. Maybe she got a salad. With a side of ketchup. No judgement!

What do you think Kim got at Wendy's?


Image via Splash News

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Becky Spence

you cant judge her from one pic of eating bad. when changing your diet and eating healthy we all have slip ups. doesnt mean shes not still focused on eating healthy but shes only human and its hard at first until you get used to it. im a health freak but i eat fast food once in a blue moon. hey it happens

nonmember avatar Emily

wow, this one made me feel really bad about myself. I thought we were trying to empower women here? Not take one picture of one (albeit overexposed) girl and trash her.. How is saying something mean and then saying not judging ok? In a world where there is MORE than enough bullying this just seems unnecessary.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

If Kim can do it....
Do we really care what Kim's putting in her piehole?

QTKakes QTKakes

The author of this column is a effing Kardashian-obsessed idiot.

nonmember avatar laura

Wow i cant believe i just wasted time reading thiso

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Holy shit this was rude....and I dont even keep tabs on those people >.<


It must really be a slow news day. What a waste of space.

nonmember avatar WowJustWow

I know that food shaming is the new fat shaming, but really, this article wasn't necessary. BFD if she eats fast food once in a while. It's not the end of the world to show that she's human.

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