David Beckham Makes Strawberry Shakes Sexy in New Burger King Ad (VIDEO)

David Beckham for Burger king

Shoot, I love it when fast food chains get all fancy and update their menus. These days, it's Burger King's turn. Yup, the home of the Whopper recently added 10 new items to their menu, including things like two new $1.59 snack wraps, $2.29 fruit smoothies, and $2.39 mocha and caramel frappes. YUMMERDOODLES.

What better way to draw some attention to their tasty new menu items than hiring some hunky help? I'm not just talking about ANY help, either. I'm talking David Beckham. OK OK, so Jay Leno and Salma Hayek, they're in on the gig too. But helllooooo handsome! Hearing Beckham talk about a strawberry smoothie is almost as sexy as seeing him pose in his underwear.

Trust me, just go with me on this one. Watch David Beckham's new Burger King ad for yourself, here:



Call me lame, if you will, but I am LITERALLY craving Burger King after taking a looksee at their three new commercials. Everything about David Beckham the new menu items look so fresh and delicious. If a hottie like Beckham is what gets a whole slew of customers like me through the door, then that's endorsement money wellllll spent.

Of course -- do I think the frappes will actually look that way, perfectly dolloped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, when I get them for myself in the store? Nah, I don't expect 'em to. But hell, for $2.29 -- what do I really have to lose?

Here's to hoping Beckham's waiting for me in Whopperland.

Does seeing a celeb like David Beckham promote a certain fast food chain make you wanna indulge? Are you looking forward to trying Burger King's new menu items?


Image via bk/YouTube

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