Eat Like a Princess on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Adriana Velez | Apr 2, 2012 Food & Party

disney fantasyYou guys. I just went on a cruise on the brand spankin' new Disney Fantasy and it was AMAZEBALLS! Disney let The Stir get a sneak peek of its newest ship, the Fantasy, and I can't wait to tell you all about it starting with the most important thing: FOOD.

Now most cruise lines are pretty good about feeding kids what they like to eat, but Disney is not about "like." Disney is about love, imagination, and fantasy -- in other words, dining on board the Fantasy isn't just about eating. It's a full-on fairytale experience.

The Disney Fantasy has three dining rooms for dinner each with a different theme (you rotate rooms each night). Royal Court is like Cindrella's ballroom. Enchanted Gardens is modeled after the gardens of Versailles with lights that change as evening deepens into night. And Animator's Palate surrounds you with giant paintbrushes and pencils. In that last room, you color an illustration on your place mat before you order. And then they take all those drawings and actually animate them on screens around the dining room while you eat. See what I mean in the slideshow below!

The food was all fresh and flavorful. Lunch and breakfast were buffet-style, whatever your heart's wish will come true -- whether that's sushi, stir-fry, or roast beef with mashed potatoes and lime green jello. (I kid you not, they placed the lime green jello right there between the meat and potatoes so you wouldn't even have to look for it.) Yes, they quietly pipe Disney movie theme music everywhere you go. And I liked it.

Picky eaters will love the food. Kids of all ages will love the food. Vegetarians will love the food. The typical childless, pickled lamb's tongue-noshing hipster (not that there's anything wrong with that) may not love this food, but I was plenty satisfied. You can call ahead with special dietary needs (for you gluten-free folks). Here's even more info on the food. And with free soft-serve ice cream cones any time you want, how can anyone complain?

Have you ever sailed on a cruise? What did you think about the food?


Image via Disney; Slideshow images via Adriana Velez

  • Animator's Palate Step 1


    First, color the picture.

  • Animator's Palate Step 2


    Then watch your character dance on the screen!

  • Appetizers


    Oh, just some garlic marinated shrimp, prosciutto with melon, and sesame-crusted tuna sashimi.

  • Popcorn Soup


    popcorn soup

    A warm corn chowder served with caramel corn and cornbread.

  • A little Bambi for you?



    I had the venison with port wine and juniper reduction.

  • Or Lobster?


    My husband had the lobster. There was also roasted pork tenderloin or linguini with chicken.

  • DIY Cupcakes


    For dessert you could decorate your own Mickey-shaped cupcakes.

  • Paintbrush pillar


    You are literally in an artist's toolbox.

  • Enchanted Gardens


    So much pink and green! Toward dessert time the flower lamps open and the ceiling darkens.

  • Royal Court


    Photo via Disney

    You feel like a princess dining at the Royal Court. (Not my photo.)

  • Lunch at Castaway Cay


    My lunch at Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) was grilled mahi mahi and loads of fresh fruit.

  • And for the land lubbers...


    While my seafood-averse son went for the hot dogs.

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