Woman's Maggot-Infested Airplane Food Will Convince You to Pack Your Own Snacks

quantasUm -- yeah. I've always been just a little bit grossed out by the food served on airplanes (minus a few super awesome culinary delights in First Class), but the extra "protein" one Qantas Airlines passenger found while she was enjoying a bag of complimentary trail mix has a leg up on anyone who claims to have had a bad experience with airline food.

The woman was noshing on her nice, crunchy bag of snacks -- when she realized the trail mix was infested with maggots. Yes, I said maggots. As in those slimy little insects that look like worms but are way more disgusting. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little bit.


Oh. My. GOD. Maggots! Can you even imagine how disgusted she (and all of the passengers around her) must have been? I sure hope there were extra barf bags in the seat back pockets in her row.

Whatever happened to the days when flying was luxurious? You know -- back when the cuisine served resembled something you would order in a high end restaurant? Air travel sure isn't what it used to be, and honestly, you're pretty lucky if they serve you any free food at all, let alone an actual meal. But when they do serve those free packets of snacks, the last thing you expect to find after opening the bag is maggots!

I don't fly too much these days now that my son is in big kid school and we can't come and go as we please. But after hearing this story, I'm definitely packing my own snacks in my carry-on bag from now on. Especially if I ever take a trip to Australia. Or maybe I'll just keep playing the lottery in the hopes that someday I can fly by private jet instead. I'll bet the food on those babies is maggot-free.

Have you ever gotten sick from eating airplane food?


Image via Moto@4ClubAG/Flickr

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