Skittles Sales Rise After Trayvon Martin Killing

skittlesThe weirdest fallout from the Trayvon Martin shooting has to be this: Skittles are flying off the shelves. This is the candy Trayvon was holding when he was killed by George Zimmerman. Ever since then, the candy has become a symbol for Americans' outrage over the killing and the shocking aftermath.

If the hoodie symbolizes racial profiling, Skittles must symbolize youth and innocence. Spellman College students are re-selling them to raise funds for Trayvon's family. They're showing up at rallies and memorials. But ... should the company that makes Skittles, Wrigley, donate the extra profit?


Wrigley has already been accused of profiting from Trayvon's death. But they're playing it super-safe. While they're "saddened" by the killing and respect the family, they feel it's "inappropriate to get involved or comment further as we would never wish for our actions to be perceived as an attempt of commercial gain following this tragedy."

In other words, they don't want to alienate any potential customers. FAIL. Also: Commercial gain? Too late.

Come on, Wrigley, take a stand! The least they could do is collect some of the extra dough they're raking in and donate it to a youth center in Florida, a community group that works for interracial harmony, Trayvon's school, something. But the idea that, somewhere down the line, wealthy shareholders or executives are getting a boost just because some innocent kid was shot holding their candy makes me squirm. Let's rise above this, Skittles.

P.S. Food writer Regina Schrambling wants to know why we're fussing over the Skittles when we could be talking about the gun manufacturer.

P.P.S. Skittles = Yum.

Do you think Skittles/Wrigley should give back in some way?


Image via sunshinecity/Flickr

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