5 Tasty Easter Treats You Can Make at Home

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easter treatsEvery grocery store, drug store, 7-Eleven, and speciality gourmet outfit is assaulting us with pastel candies these days. That's because it's Easter! A holiday that is celebrated with incredible amounts of candy and candy-like substances. (Seriously you guys, Peeps are just marshmallows covered in colored sugar.) It makes one wonder how many of us are just wandering around on a total sugar high at any given moment.

If you can resist the temptation to fill your cart with egg-shaped candies, why not ditch the packaged stuff and make your own? At least that way you'll actually know what's in this stuff.

Here are 5 fantastic Easter treats you can make your own self.

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Marshmallow Chicks

Make your own at home and know exactly what you're getting. You can call them "Tweeps" if it will make you feel in the spirit.

Meringue Bunnies

Cute tiny treats with only a few ingredients! Everyone will love these.

easter treatsCrescent Hot Cross Buns

Make delicious hot cross buns in the easiest way possible. Pillsbury crescent rolls, re-imagined for Easter! See how many you can fit in your mouth as a party game.

Italian Easter Cookies

Traditional Easter cookies from Italia should be on your menu, whether you speak the language or not. Because we all speak the language of yum.

easter treatsEaster Chick Cupcakes

Bust out the tinted coconut, people! You can make these adorable cupcakes and then eat them in even less time it took to dye the coconut.

What do you make for Easter?

Hungry? Need dinner ideas? Just love anything and everything food and recipes? Then you'll totally want to follow us on Pinterest! Our virtual pin boards on Kid Friendly Recipes , Sweet Treats  and Easter 2012 are pure eye candy. Yum!

Images (top to bottom): JeffreyTurner/Flickr, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker

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Chari... Charizma77

Love those cupcakes! I don't usually make a dessert for Easter since we will e traveling.

ceciliam ceciliam

Those cupcakes are so cute! I don't usually make anything. We usually eat out or go to a relatives house.

lalas... lalasmama2007

I'm going to make little birds nests out of chow mein noodles with mini Cadbury eggs in them. I'm still deciding on a second dessert to make this year.

gacgb... gacgbaker

I've done homemade marshmallows before and used other things instead of the corn syrup- might have to try those Tweeps!

Leele... Leelee1008

Great ideas! I usually make a cake or cup cakes. I was going to do easter egg cake pops but idk If im going to now or not.

Leele... Leelee1008

I tried my hand at making my boys easter bunnies before. well  it didnt go so well the darn things broke in the freezer. I have the mold still and I have gotten much better at working with chocolate melts so I may try again next year.

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