Pink Slime Manufacturers Suspend Operations, But We're Still Not Safe

pink slime
What's in your beef?
If you've been following one of the most disgusting food stories of the past year, you're already familiar with pink slime. The previously discarded beef cuttings that are now processed, sprayed with ammonia, and put back into your ground beef have been coming under fire because, well, it's disgusting.

First fast food chains like McDonald's (I know!) declared they would no longer buy ground beef that used pink slime as a filler, and finally our schools are allowed to turn it away as well. It still pops up in your grocery store, however, and you have no way of knowing since it's not listed as an ingredient anywhere on a package of beef.

All of this bad publicity is bad for the business, Beef Products, Inc., and they are suspending production in some of their plants for 60 days.

Did you catch that? "Some" of their factories, for only 60 days.

While I hate to see anyone lose their job for any amount of time, this paid leave will do little to nothing to solve the big picture problem we have here: Food stuffs are being hidden inside real food. These meat cuttings used to be found only in pet food, but if you can make a buck passing off chemically treated meat to unsuspecting humans, why not?

Sure it's great that Beef Products, Inc. is losing business, but they clearly don't give a crap about serving up this ammonia soaked slime to your family, so you can expect it to appear on your table again in about 60 days. They're counting on enough people not caring whether the conditions of the animals we eat is healthy, or so unhealthy that your food needs to be decontaminated by ammonia. Also, that these same people don't mind eating meat pieces processed into blocks of pink slime.

The only way to avoid the slime, truly, is to buy organic and avoid eating any meat outside your home that does not serve organic meat, or has come out against serving this mixture, like McDonald's.

Know your meat, and refuse anything less than the real deal. Then maybe Beef Products, Inc. can go out of business for more than 60 days. Otherwise, we'll be outraged again in a few months when the pink slime is back.

Do you think it's okay to eat pink slime?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's not like any meat is actually healthy, pink slime is only a little bit worse for you than any other cut of cow.

nonmember avatar Kate

When I found out about pink slime I was so disgusted by it that I haven't had a hamburger since....JUST GROSS! I do have a local butcher who says he doesn't use it but how can I know for sure?

Todd Vrancic

If the butcher says he doesn't use it, that is a type of warranty, then he will not be using it.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Find a butcher you trust. You'll pay a little more for your meat than you will getting it out of the grocery store pre-packaged fridge, but it'll be FAR better quality. MANY butchers grind their beef on-site. Our local grocer has an in-house butcher. Their grinder is sitting right there behind the meat counter. I've watched them grinding the meat and packaging it. They're very open (and proud, rightly so) about the quality of their meat, and I've come to trust them through the years.

I have refused to buy pre-packaged ground beef for years. To me, it doesn't taste right.

Loref... Lorefield

Meat, in moderation, IS good for you. Humans were designed to eat meat, there is no denying it.

Meat becomes unhealthy when corporations coat it in chemicals and inject the poor animals with hormones and antibiotics to counteract the unnatural diet they feed them.

Buy organic, find a farm share, and meat can be healthy. 

Bugsm... Bugsmom0307

Wow this whole epidemic is seriously making me want to become a vegetarian!


Water... Water_geM

i think i may go back to being a vegetarian sooner than i thought.

Lucinda Day

I completely agree. We watched FOOD INC and after that we quite eating out. We had stopped eating red meat about two months ago for health reasons and have never looked back. Thankfully I love to cook.

nonmember avatar momof3boys

gas prices are $4 or more and rising, EVERYTHING I buy weekly at the grocery store have gone up in price, we have a 16 TRILLION DEBT AND RISING in this country and you're upset about a highly regulated meat additive that you have probably eaten before with no ill effects? Then don't eat beef. What will you tell the thousands of people out of work because these plants shut down? What will you tell their kids? eeww, i thought it was gross so your mommy/daddy lost their job? Show me the studies that say it is unsafe.

nonmember avatar Michelle

OH GOD. Please don't let Food Inc. be a resource and a guide for ANY food related decisions. The author of this book is a sociopolitical NUTCASE.

Yet another reason to buy local and stay the hell out of ANY grocery store's meat department. I hate that I see the pretty cattle that give their lives for my steaks, but hey, at least I KNOW what is in that package when I get it!

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