Real Life Hamburglar Steals From McDonald’s Drive-Through

McDonald's BurgerWhat would you do if you were super hungry? I'm talking, like, REALLY REALLY hungry. Would it eat at you SO much that you'd stoop to stealing someone else's food? Welp, who knows if that's the motive behind the latest burger theft in Augusta, Maine. Ready to laugh? Of course you are. A local teen ran through a McDonald's drive-through on Sunday night and snatched a waiting car's bag of food. Yup, a real life hamburglar. SNAP!

If I was in the car waiting for my food, I don't even know if I could be mad about this -- for two reasons. A. The restaurant re-filled the order free of charge and B. Holy Big Mac attack! WHAT A STORY!

That's what I call fast food.


Who knows, maybe there was a real reason that prompted the burglar to channel his inner food criminal. Maybe the teen was homeless and really REALLY needed some food. Maybe he just got laid off from his job. Maybe (and this is a BIG maybe) he was dared to do it as some sort of initiation into a top secret society. Ooh, I hope it was the third.

But honestly, with the amount of delicious things that are on the dollar menu these days (HELLO dollar cone!) -- can you blame the burglar? I have a hard time deciding between the $1 McChicken and the $1 cone every single time I walk through the golden arches. At the same time, though -- I'm pretty sure just about anyone could find a dollar's worth of change in their pockets these days. Touche, my meat stealing friend.

The best part: The drive-through hamburger snatching happens occasionally. Yeah yeah, stealing is wrong. But if you can go down in history as a REAL hamburglar? That's pretttyyyy epic.

What do you think of the hamburglar shebang?


Image via yoppy/Flickr

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