Tim Tebow Sandwich Sounds as Yummy as He Is

Tim Tebow was already kind of a big deal before being traded to the New York Jets, but now he's really made it to superstardom. You know, because he has a sandwich named after him.

NYC's famous Carnegie Deli introduced the "Jetbow" sandwich yesterday to give Tim a proper welcome to the Big Apple. The mouthwatering sandwich isn't exactly fit for light eaters -- it weighs 3.5 pounds -- and consists of corned beef, roast beef, pastrami, American cheese, and lettuce & tomato on good old standard white bread. Sounds yummy (just like Tim), but very filling.


In addition to having a hefty appetite, those who want to devour the Jetbow also need to be prepared to shell out $22.22 for this tasty lunch. That's one pricey sandwich, alright! Then again, this is New York we're talking about. My husband and I always joke that you can't get a decent lunch for under $13 in the city, so the price tag on the Jetbow isn't really much of a shock. Plus, it could easily feed two people, so it actually sounds like a value based on what we usually pay for a mid-day meal.

The deli supposedly tried to make the sandwich represent Tim's all-American, good guy image. And they aren't the only establishment in New York who is looking to gain a few orders by using a little Tebow marketing. A bar called Brother Jimmy's recently came out with a fun drink in his honor called "No Sex on the Beach." Hmm. I wonder if it pairs well with corned beef?

Would you be up to the challenge of finishing an entire Jetbow sandwich?


Image via brionv/Flickr

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