3 Delicious Ways to Eat Popcorn Now That We Know It's Good for Us

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popcorn recipes healthyBust out the Jiffy Pop, everyone! Apparently there is new nutritional information on a snack food that will make you feel good about that midday trip to the microwave. Almost as exciting as when we were told dark chocolate is good for you, this news that popcorn contains antioxidants like those found in fruit is incredibly exciting. I, for one, would much rather eat popcorn than fruit as it satisfies my salty cravings. Also, much neater.

Of course plain old popcorn will get old if you chow down on it every day. Why not trick out your popcorn snack, and try these three options the next time you pop?

Truffled Popcorn

I first had this via a food truck in Los Angeles and thought, "Wow, that is some seriously fancy popcorn." I'm guessing the food truck peeps didn't actually shave a black truffle onto the 'corn. But maybe they did! Either way you can do this with or without the shaved truffle. Just be sure you get some quality truffle oil.

Chile Lime Tequila Popcorn

Yes, please. YES. Seriously, how better to get the party started than with some tangy and spicy treats?

Sugar N Spice Popcorn

Sure adding sugar to your popcorn kind of hinders the whole good-for-you thing, but every now and then, you need that sugar high. Play around with decreasing the amounts of sugar in this recipe and rely more heavily on the cinnamon for flavor if you want to make it a bit more healthy. Either way, super delicious.

What's your favorite way to eat popcorn?

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ArmyW... ArmyWife8297

Popcorn is only good for you when air popped and doesn't have all this junk on it, it's a heathy snack

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Good ol' air popped popcorn... it IS a great snack. Add some brewers yeast, or some parmesean cheese. There are hundreds of great combinations. However, this is all VOID if you pop it in the microwave with those horrible prefilled bag o' chemicals.

Why ruin such a good thing? :-) If you really need to, you can make your own microwave bags of pop corn for WAY cheaper. http://www.makeandtakes.com/easy-homemade-microwave-popcorn and it is a great way for portion control if needed for an office snack in the afternoon, and just as convenient.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I love air popped !!!  in fact DD is allergic to the old bag microwave pop kind when it rubs the top of her hands she gets major rash symptoms we do not buy this .. but she has gotten that out at a friends 

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