This Food Cooks Itself & May Even Do the Dishes

hot canOn those nights when you open yourself a can of mushy, BPA-filled "food," do you ever find yourself wishing that you could take that convenience just one step further and make it magically heat up? Well, today is your lucky day. 

Introducing HotCan! The canned food that cooks its own damn self.

HotCan, how did you know? This is the missing link that will get us to our ultimate goal: Taking pills instead of eating food, just like in the sci fi movies. Who else is doing Mexican jumping beans over this thrilling food innovation?


I'll tell you who: Soldiers, disaster survivors, students living in dorms who are too drunk to make it to the cafeteria ... and I can't think of anyone else.

Anyway, here's how it works. There's an inner can, and an outer can, and space in between with water and limestone, or something. And you poke holes into that marginal space, back far away from the can, and 8 to 10 minutes later, your food is heated. Or something like that. Here, let them explain it to you.

Oh the packaging is cool. It looks all futuristic and non-gross. But wait until you hear what's inside. One brave journalist attempted to try a can of "spicy beef pasta." After 10 minutes it got barely "tepid" and the food inside was "brown, lumpen, heavily spiced sludge." He says it tasted better than cup-o-soup, but only "in the way that a broken finger is better than a broken arm."

He could not bring himself to try the sausages that "shrivelled like salted snails" from the "bangers & beanz" flavor.

And yet, the optimistic folks at HotCan are hoping it'll be the new "Red Bull." (And look how well that's worked out!) I wish them a hearty good-luck-with-that. This may work as a party trick, but I just don't see it catching on at the grocery stores. But who knows? Weirder things have happened.

Would you try HotCan?


Image via HotCan

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