Kraft Mystifies Us With Its Imaginative New Name


kraftGuess what, macaroni and cheese fans? Mondeléz is the new Kraft. Well not exactly. You'll still see Kraft on your grocery store shelves. But they're spinning off their internationally-sold snacks division into a separate company. And that's what they're calling Mondeléz.

So who or what is Mondeléz? The CEO? His dog? A famous lake in Paraguay? Nope. It's a made-up name that "evokes the idea of a delicious world."


Right. I'm going to walk us through this one. So "monde" comes from the Latin word for world. There's half of Mondeléz. What about the delicious?

Well that's my favorite part, and I quote: "Delez is an imaginary expression of delicious." No, honey. VELEZ is an imaginary expression of deliciousness. BOOM! Haha, get it? I'm Adriana Velez? I mean, come on, they're one letter away! I came thisclose to having a major food company named after me. If they'd asked for my advice, it would have been Mondo-Velez.

But they didn't, and it's not. I won't pout, though. Because what Kraft/Mondeléz has done is actually a gift to us all. They have given us a new word for delicious. Now YOU, dear reader, can become the hip person with the cutting-edge nomenclature. You can be the one to start saying "delez" instead of "delicious," you trend-setter, you. It's not even in the urban dictionary yet! But it will be, mark my words.

And if turns out I'm totally wrong, let us never speak of this again.

Does the name Mondeléz evoke the idea of a delicious world for you?

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Image via Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr

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