Food Fight! Jennifer Lawrence vs. Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

throwing foodJust because Jennifer Lawrence is such a bad-ass. And just because we can't stop talking about Hunger Games. And just because we love it when people throw food. We give you: The Jimmy Fallon vs. Jennifer Lawrence Three Point Shootout Video.

Watch the pair toss buckets of KFC fried chicken and McDonald's Shamrock Shakes into a hoop. Who. Will. WIN? I'm placing my bets on the chick.


Dang, Jennifer Lawrence just CAN'T WAIT to throw the Shamrock Shakes. But Jimmy makes her save the best for last, and he's right of course. Who knew buckets of fried chicken would be so hard to shoot into a basket? I think they should have given Jimmy and Jennifer a few more "practice" buckets. I love the big, green explosion of the Shamrock Shakes, too, so maybe a couple more of those as well.

WOO HOO! Team Katniss!

throwing food

Now, who's cleaning up this mess?

Have you ever played with your food this way?


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