5 Sweet Easter Treats Your Bunnies Will Love (VIDEO)

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easter cupcakesIs it too early to start thinking about Easter treats? No, I say! No it is not. For behold, Easter this year doth come on April 8, and if you want to bake anything, you'll kind of have to plan ahead. There are 50 bajillion adorable ideas out there for wee chicky cupcakes and the like.

Heck, you need half a day just to look at all the cute pictures of stuff you could make! But I've gathered together just an Easter basket-full for your consideration. Peep peep!

1. Crispy Easter Eggs: These are colored, egg-shaped Rice Krispie treats. Isn't that brilliant? And so easy, too. No baking required. Okay, I gave you the easiest one, first.

2. Easter Bunny Cake: My mom made one of these every Easter, and hers always had sweet coconut to make the bunny look furry. I love coconut, but my son does not (little kill-joy). So here's a sans-coconuts recipe. It's still screamin' cute.

3. Lil' Sugar has a whole slideshow of super-adorable Easter cupcake ideas. Some look easier to pull off than others, but I think my favorites are the marshmallow lambs -- sooo cute, little lammies!

4. Bug cupcakes: Don't be grossed out, these are the opposite of creepy! Imagine if ladybugs came in pastel colors -- and were made of chocolate cake. This is a clever idea for a not-so-typical cupcake.

5. Just want to ice some simple Easter sugar cookies? Here are some ideas.

Are you thinking about Easter treats yet?

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Krist... KristinRox

We are going to make some pillsbury cookies, and we are also going to make some cupcakes. Thats about it. 

I seen on a rice krispy commercial with the rice krispies formed into little eggs, but hollowed out in the middle to add those little hard shelled chocolate eggs. 

LOswa... LOswald0314

Yep, love the crispy eggs!

amy7243 amy7243

I am so behind I havent even thought about it yet.

TheBa... TheBabyFactory4

We normally don't make Easter treats. We just dye eggs.

MamaM... MamaMandee

I have found a million things on the Betty Crocker site that I want to make!! 

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

We like the Easter Bunny cakes!

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