Zoo Animals Dine on Prime Rib Thanks to Happy Accident (VIDEO)

southwicke zooHave you made it to the Capital Grille lately? I haven't. But I hear they deliver -- to the zoo. A few days ago they treated lions, tigers, and leopards to their finest steaks, on the house! Animals at the Southwick Zoo outside Boston were treated to about 2,500 pounds of meat worth $20,000. What a treat for those cats! What did they ever do to deserve such dining splendor?

And why is Capital Grille giving away meat for free to zoo animals, anyway? Are the cats threatening to overthrow the zookeepers? Are they unhappy with their usual tiger meals? Or did they figure out how to order food online? Well it turns out, none of the above...


A transformer fire knocked out power for thousands of Boston homes and businesses last week -- including the Boston Capital Grille. They were left with all that raw meat! No way could they serve it to human customers. That's a huge health violation, of course. But it had been kept in a refrigerated truck, so it was still good. That's why the meat was donated to the zoo.

That much meat made for a feast last week -- and it's enough to keep feeding the cats for weeks more. Lucky tigers! I wonder if they'll miss those prime steaks after they're all gone. I'm glad Capital Grille made good use of all that meat instead of just throwing it all away. Sometimes it's good to be a tiger.

Have you ever fed your pets meat you were going to serve your family?


Image via BostonGlobe/YouTube


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