Starbucks' New Juice Bar Is Almost Perfect (VIDEO)

evolution freshNow that it's spring, there's a certain smell that always makes my head turn around when I'm walking down the street. Cupcakes? Over it. Coffee? So last month. What I'm craving right now: Fresh pressed juice. Give me something green with lemon and ginger, please. And maybe throw in a little carrot, too.

Oh, and look who is opening up juice bars just in time -- Starbucks. They read my mind! Today they opened their first Evolution Fresh juice bar. And the juices are not exactly cheap, but not ridiculously expensive, either. So, okay Starbucks. Show us what you've got in the press!


The juices are "hand crafted." Notice how you can't even say handmade anymore? Hand CRAFTED. By elves, natch. They have a whole menu of flavors like "Sweet Burn" (coconut water, pineapple, apple, beet, cayenne, ginger), or you can ask for your own special combination. It's $4.99 for 8 oz., $7.99 for 16 oz. (Sixteen oz. is too much juice for anyone not running a marathon, IMHO.) Calorie counts are not astronomical, so long as you get those smaller sizes. I like that there's no added sugar.

And there is a glaring lack of lemon juice. Starbucks, what is up with that?!?

Okay, that aside (fine, I guess I'll just have to bring in my own lemons), so far so good. So when can I get mine? Not today, unfortunately. The one Evolution is in Bellevue, Washington. But wait -- they're serving the bottled versions at several Starbucks around the country. Not that it's the same. I want that juice bar smell, remember? I don't want to smell coffee beans when I buy juice. Hello? Anyone listening?

Oh well. Supposedly if we all start buying the juices (you can also get them at these stores, unhelpfully not listed by state), they'll open up more branches of Evolution.

Would you try an Evolution Fresh juice?

Image via Evolution Fresh

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