New Dating Site Helps You Find Your Perfect Foodie Match

dating foodI remember my second date with my husband. He suggested sushi, I picked my favorite East Village joint. We admitted afterwards that we'd both been sick (it was winter in New York, after all), so the time that went into impressing each other with our culinary choices might have been better spent sitting on the couch ordering pizza. But something good came out of all the effort: So much talk about food made me realize he was the one. We've been dining together happily ever since.

Had I met him on food blog Eater's new dating site, where it connects you by activities and food preferences rather than by income/age/randomness, we would have been an instant match. Because if you love food, you don't want to hang out with a guy who thinks there are more important things in life.


Okay, so I realize that I can't join the Eater dating site to see what all the fun is about because I'm married and my husband would frown upon me dating online. But, oh to be young and single and culinarily curious. What a perfect way to find a mate!

Oh sure, I know vegetarians who count carnivores as their true loves. And my husband and I have our own eating issues -- I'm gluten intolerant and he has a shellfish problem, so we can sometimes be difficult dinner guests.

But if you both love food and share a passion for trying new things, personally I think you have it made. I predict lots of success for Eater's new venture and lots of matches made in foodie heaven.

Would you date someone with different food tastes from you?


Image via ilovebutter/Flickr

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