Weird New Restaurant Trend Is NOT for Picky Eaters

limited menu trend
You Get What You Get & You Don't Get Upset
When you hire a sitter and shell out your hard-earned bucks for a night on the town, you hope that you get to eat exactly what you want. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, a fancy pants dining situation should be satisfying, and you -- as the customer -- should always be right. Right?

Which is why this new trend sweeping through Europe (so we should have it here soon, I'm thinking) is so fascinating. Some of those hard-to-get-into restaurants are only offering the diner limited menu choices, and in some cases -- no choice at all.


Picky eaters, you are NOT going to be into this newfangled style of dining out.

Personally, I would LOVE a walnut salad followed by steak frites. I would be at this restaurant every single time my husband and I couldn't figure out where to go. Which is the beauty of this whole trend. For the overly tired, overextended, brain-dead workers/parents who cannot make one more decision. Not one more.

After all, we already have the IHOP (pancake), French fry restaurants, and other limited choices. This is just a fancified version. Nice.


Image via waferboard/Flickr

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