Flavor Flav's New Restaurant Has . . . Flavor?

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flavor flav restaurant opens vegas
Would you buy fried chicken from this man?
Happy Birthday, Flavor Flav! What do you get the man that has everything: A hugely successful rap and reality star career, and a super classy wardrobe? His own fried chicken restaurant in Las Vegas, apparently. The House of Flavor opens today, and you know people are lining up around the strip to get a taste of . . . something?

As you know if you watched Celebrity Wife Swap -- which you did, right? -- Flavor Flav lives with his wife and sons in Las Vegas. It appears that he does a whole lot of nothing during the day, so why not open up a restaurant?

Here's why we should all go get a piece:

  • Apparently Flavor Flav went to culinary school pre-Public Enemy. So this isn't just a lending of the celebrity name venture. He's a cook, you guys. Flavor Flav is cooking your chicken.
  • Flavor Flav's House of Flavor serves red velvet waffles. Red. Velvet. Waffles.
  • That wife of his needs a job. Laziest wife swap wife, EVER. Put her behind the hostess stand, Flav!
  • According to Yelp, you can drink all day at Davy's Locker, then walk out the back door and get yourself some Flavor Flav chicken. Which was your plan upon visiting Vegas, right?

All in all, it seems like Flav has a pretty good thing going. If I could eat chicken and waffles, you bet I'd be lining up right after I got ripped at Davy's Locker. You bet.

Would you?


Image via Back9Network/Flickr

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bills... billsfan1104

I wish i saw that wife swap

vamom08 vamom08

I will pass!!!LOL

Daniel McDermott

This article failed to mention he already had a restaurant, but I'm sure he is trying to pretend it never happened. His failed disaster of a restaurant did so well in Clinton, IA it is time to step it up to Vegas now, lol. How quickly will this restaurant be run out of business I wonder?

froggy80 froggy80

It is pretty hard to ruin fried chicken... as long as prices and service are good, he'll be fine

LoriA... LoriAnn87

yeah i saw that wife swap and it's not his wife it's his finacee. to me she is clueless how he is and is just out for his money.

bette... betterdaysahead

I cook and its not so easy to do a good fried chicken (its one of my specialties) but people have been saying for years that Flav could cook back in Public Enemy days they said they would all come back to a suite while some people ordered food at 3 am you cold hear a drunk Flav in the kitchen and the sound of the could meat hitting the hot pan "sweesh"! so I wish he would open a few out  in my suburban Chicagoland area we dont have any good fired chicken places out in Schaumburg and we have tons of hungry rich people out here. Im sure a celebrity like Flav wd do well here. (His restaurant)

bills... billsfan1104

Red velvet waffles sound yummy

KelzIAm KelzIAm

I think that his time has come and gone. If he does have a Restaurant then he should use another front man for advertising. He attracts a certain type of crowd and he should have better marketing or a manager to help him with that. 

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