Stephen Colbert Reminds Us That Bacon Can Save Our Lives (VIDEO)

bacon bleedingRed meat, bacon, and all grilled meats have been getting a bad rap lately. What with the "It's going to kill you!" news going around, and all. For those of us who love our salted pork, it appears there is another use for the delicious cured meat. A use that could literally save your life. That is, if you happen to have uncooked bacon handy when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a deadly nose bleed.

That's right, bacon will save you from bleeding to death through your nose. Stephen Colbert demonstrates it all for you:


Comedy Central - The Colbert Report

Colbert may be onto something with the, "What else can bacon fix?" idea. Sure wearing uncooked (but cured!) tampons may be unbelievably unappealing, but the next time you cut yourself in the kitchen, slap some bacon on that wound and see if it doesn't heal it right up.

But I say why wait until you're having a bleed before busting out the bacon. Bacon can cure what ails you in many situations. Depressed? Have a bacon chocolate bar. Celebrating? Fix a bacon infused cocktail for yourself. Had too many bacon infused cocktails and need to sober up, and/or just make it through the day? Bacon flavored coffee should totally do the trick. Did your doctor tell you that need to be getting more calcium? Perhaps you're on the verge of osteoporosis. Better head to Denny's baconalia and get a bacon ice cream sundae!


How great is bacon?


Image via cookbookman17/Flickr



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