Feather Found in Chicken McNugget Comes With Silver Lining

feather in mcnuggetSo someone found feathers in her McDonald's chicken McNuggets. Isn't that great? That's exactly what you want to find in your food! Gee, wonder what else is in there? Maybe part of a beak, or a toenail, or some droppings? Talk about farm to plate! Bwak bwak.

Raquel House was noshing on her nuggets when she felt something hair-like in her mouth. "And that’s when I saw that there was white hair on my tongue; and I looked at my food, and there was feathers coming off the nugget." Ewww! Oh well, there is one silver lining to this fine-feathered story.


At least we know it's made from real chicken? Heh heh. Because sometimes you've got to wonder. But wonder no more, nugget-lovers! Why, we have the proof right in this here feather.

And you don't have to take Raquel's word for it alone. A reporter for the Indiana ABC News affiliate came over to see for himself! Here's what he saw when he started digging a foreign object out of Raquel's chicken nugget. Yeah, I said it: Digging out of a chicken nugget. This was a frickin' excavation, people.

We eventually were able to pull it [the foreign object] free from the nugget and take a closer look. The outside felt smooth and a little bit like plastic, or fingernail to me. It even appeared to have fibers shooting out one end.

Poor Raquel was so traumatized by the experience that she started telling everyone she knew -- from her neighbors all the way up the McDonald's chain of command. She became the Henny Penny of food feathers! "I was really upset, I mean, now I've kind of calmed down but to me this is just being a responsible citizen in our community and that's just letting people know what's going on." A McDonald's regional rep got back to the reporter and said they're looking into it.

But she is so right, y'all. That just should not happen to anyone. I think it's going to a while before I eat anything breaded that I didn't cook myself.


Have you ever found anything gross in your fast food?

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Image via ABC57.com

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