Meet 'The Stir' Writers: It's Our Birthday & We're Sharing EVERYTHING

stir birthdayIn honor of our second birthday (we're 2 years old today!), we thought we'd take a moment to formally introduce ourselves. So ... hello! Thanks for reading! We feel like we know most of you from your comments, and you probably feel like you know most of us through our writing, but let's just get a bit more personal, shall we?

We've popped a bottle of champagne (it's cool if we're 2 and we're having a drink, right?), we're eating mini cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, and we're ready to let you in behind the curtain here at The Stir. Lucky you.

The Stir is comprised of about 17 full-time writers and editors, and many, many awesome freelancers. We asked everyone on staff to share their inspirations, a shocking fact about their personal lives, and the hardest and/or most fun kind of post to write. We hope you like getting to know a little more about us, and be sure to help us celebrate by entering to win one of our many birthday giveaways. Yay!


Photo via rottnapples/Flickr

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