Meet 'The Stir' Writers: It's Our Birthday & We're Sharing EVERYTHING

Meet 'The Stir' Writers: It's Our Birthday & We're Sharing EVERYTHING

stir birthdayIn honor of our second birthday (we're 2 years old today!), we thought we'd take a moment to formally introduce ourselves. So ... hello! Thanks for reading! We feel like we know most of you from your comments, and you probably feel like you know most of us through our writing, but let's just get a bit more personal, shall we?

We've popped a bottle of champagne (it's cool if we're 2 and we're having a drink, right?), we're eating mini cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, and we're ready to let you in behind the curtain here at The Stir. Lucky you.

The Stir is comprised of about 17 full-time writers and editors, and many, many awesome freelancers. We asked everyone on staff to share their inspirations, a shocking fact about their personal lives, and the hardest and/or most fun kind of post to write. We hope you like getting to know a little more about us, and be sure to help us celebrate by entering to win one of our many birthday giveaways. Yay!

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  • Amy Boshnack, Editorial Director


    My favorite post to write is one where I can weave in some funny fact about my husband into a post -- or base an entire post on something he’s done. He is a great dad and provides excellent fodder for blog posts.

    Shocking fact? When I was in eighth grade, I was on the game show Double Dare. I won -- and got to go to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. It was awesome.

    Also, when I got married at 23, everyone and their mother said I was crazy. My first boss even tried to convince me not to get married. It's great proving all of those people wrong. When it's right, it's right. Whether you are 23 or 40!

  • Emily Abbate, Editorial Assistant


    My favorite post to write is for healthy living. I like being to write about something I feel like I know a lot about. One of my all-time favorite posts is about my experience with a male gyno.

    This is kind of cool -- I have one brother (not the exciting part) -- he’s four years older than me, though, and we have the same birthday!

    And I'm really excited that I’ll be co-hosting The Stir’s new YouTube show, The Daily Stir. It's coming soon!


  • Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Sr. Editor


    My favorite kinds of posts to write? Pregnancy & baby posts, shotgun bride posts (all right, so there was only one of those), and juicy, gossipy entertainment posts.

    Fun fact: I like cheesy '80s heavy metal hair bands and have been to Def Leppard, Poison, Faith No More, and Warrant concerts "back in the day." Also Billy Idol and Jack Wagner (I was even in his fan club ... embarrassing), but they don't really count. Oh -- and I've thrashed around in the mosh pit a time or two. Or seven.

    What inspires me? My family -- in particular my 3-month-old baby girl, who is a dream.

  • Cynthia Dermody, Managing Editor


    My favorite type of post to write is something mysterious, quirky, supernatural, or creepy. I’ve written about the Long Island Serial Killer and UFOs a little bit, so I guess that’s one of my genres. is one of my all-time favorite sites to dig for these types of ideas, I also love The Superficial, and UPI News for stories off the beaten path.

    Fun factoid: I play women’s ice hockey. I’m kind of petite, so many people are surprised at that given it’s such a physical sport. But I can show you plenty of bruises to prove it.

    And one of my favorite pastimes with my kids is watching the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot. Sasquatch has a big presence in our family, because it’s a fun mystery to speculate about and also because the show is so damn funny.

  • Adriana Velez, Staff Writer


    The most fun kind of post to write is where I just get silly and try to entertain myself. No one read this, but I cracked myself up writing it.

    Ugh, there is nothing shocking about me. I came to NYC to get a PhD in English and be an English professor. But my attention span was too short and I quit with just a masters. But that’s kind of boring. I like Brussels sprouts. I failed my driver’s test three times and still do not have a license. I’ve never watched any of the Kardashian shows or Bachelor all the way through.

    In terms of inspiration, the other Stir writers are awesome -- seriously, everyone here is so damn funny. Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants, food porn, and clever memes also make the list.

  • Jaqueline Burt, Staff Writer


    The most fun types of posts to write are the funny, "original content" posts where we can just let loose and be creative. All-time favorite I guess would be this one about celeb letters to Santa.

    Something about myself that might shock people ... but won't get me locked up? Hmmm. This is tricky. How about: My hero is Keith Richards.

    I have two kids, 10-year-old daughter Charlotte and 6-year-old son Julian ... they're way too smart for their own good and I'm very frightened of them.

  • Jeanne Sager, Staff Writer


    I love writing about insane parenting trends that are so over-the-top I can lightly poke fun without hurting feelings. Take the people who actually throw parties and invite the neighbors to celebrate when their kid finally takes a poop in a potty. If I could actually end this fascination with sharing one’s child’s bowel movement, I will leave the world a better place!

    Is it corny to say that motherhood inspires me? Because then I’m a big ol’ cornball (please pass the Dipsy Doodles).

    Something shocking ... hmm. I am a pretty easy going parent. Really. No. Really! I’ve been married for 11 1/2 years, and we are raising our 6 1/2-year-old daughter near my hometown in New York State.  

  • Jill Baughman, Copy Editor


    The most fun type of post to write is a roundup of hot athletes. Looking for the photos is fun. I like this one because there are Steelers on it. Mmmhmm.

    Fun fact: I’ve never met a single person (besides people in my family, obviously) who can pronounce my last name correctly when they first read it.

    Also, both of my parents worked in the airline industry (pilot and flight attendant) and met on a flight. Everyone always says that’s a very cute story … and it is.

  • Julie Ryan Evans, Staff Writer


    The most fun type of post to write ... I’ve got to go with ‘Real Housewives’ recaps. The ladies of each and every city never fail to amaze/shock/horrify/entertain me. My favorite post when was this one titled 'Real Housewives of New York' Have Real Personality Disorders. In it I spoke to an expert who helped me determine what’s really behind their crazy personalities. It may be time to do that for some of the other cities, come to think of it …

    Something shocking ... I worked for a Republican congressman on Capitol Hill for six years. I was even president of the Republican Press Secretaries Association. I know some readers think we are all a bunch of leftist liberals, and I still may be at times, but I have been on the other side, too.

    An interesting fact is that my son Nolan was born weighing 1 pound, 15 ounces; and my daughter, Lila Claire, was the biggest and best surprise of my life.

  • Lindsay Mannering, Staff Writer


    I love writing anything that has to do with cheek stains, eyebrows, or cats or cats or cats. Also a big fan of food vending machines, as a topic and as a source of nutrition.

    Fun fact? I was on the Discovery Channel's Cash Cab. Ask my dad for a copy of the tape -- he's more than happy to show everyone. But spoiler alert! I didn't win. I don't want to say I lost? But I most certainly didn't win.

  • Maressa Brown, Staff Writer


    I love writing about something that captures the zeitgeist, that everyone is excited (either in a good or bad way!) about. Like the Oscars or something Gwyneth Paltrow or Rush Limbaugh said that we're all rolling our eyes over. OR -- something that is super personal, relatable, and fun. Either way, I enjoy trying to start a buzz-worthy conversation.

    I'm inspired by women on the web! SO many interesting voices out there -- moms, activists, health care providers, motivational speakers, spiritual folks. Following what these women are talking about is a no-fail way to set off a light bulb over my head.

    Oh, and a really, really fun fact: My boyfriend of over 5 years and I just got engaged, and I'm working with an astrologer to help us pick a stellar wedding date!

  • Mary Fischer, Staff Writer


    My absolute favorite posts to write are about everyone’s favorite reality TV couple -- Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson (duh ... winning). I am a pretty snarky writer, so these posts really fit my voice perfectly. I think the best one I wrote on those two was the post talking about how Ben would only love her more if he found out she had a sex tape. He’s as shallow as men get.

    Fun fact about me is that I am totally and completely terrified of butterflies. Yes, I said butterflies, and yes, I’m serious. I’ve been known to run away screaming in terror when one flutters by me. OMG. Even typing the word “flutter” freaks me out a bit.

    And I’m no stage mom or anything like that, but I have a funny feeling that my kid is going to wind up in the entertainment industry. He’s such a little comedian, and even started acting classes recently. I’m hoping his career takes off early so that he can pick out a nice nursing home for me and my husband someday. ;)

  • Nicole Fabian-Weber, Staff Writer


    I love writing about something that's personal, and that can be written with a story-like tone -- but that's still light-hearted. Not sure I'd count this as my all-time favorite post, but I am a tad partial to this one about Facebook photos.

    Two fun facts for you: I heart Hall and Oates -- not ironically, and I once had a passive-aggressive "exchange" with David Spade about the last Cetaphil in a drugstore. Doubt he remembers.

  • Sasha Brown-Worsham, Editor


    My favorite type of post is one that lets me be creative and have fun. The best part of my job is that I actually get paid to talk about the things that interest me and make me passionate. It does not even feel like a job most of the time. My favorite posts are ones that I have fun writing -- like my football fan experiment, or ones that I feel really passionate about, like my one about Susan G. Komen.

    Fun fact: I am obsessed with baking. I bake cookies like four times a week and I find whipping together a cake or cookies from scratch to be almost as soothing as running 10 miles (my other vice).

    When it comes to my family ... my husband and I have known each other since we were 10 years old and I very much believe that we were fated to be together. I am not a spiritual person particularly, but my marriage and my relationship with my husband make me believe in things greater than myself. After all, how do two people grow up together in a small town in Ohio, then reconnect 13 years later in a big city 1,000 miles away? If that's not fate, what is?

  • Sheri Reed, Senior Editor


    I love to take on opposing viewpoints by writing with humor and absurdity because if I can’t laugh at the opinions and ideas out there that make my head explode, I’ll probably cry. I'm not as good as I'd like to be at this, but it doesn't stop me from trying. I present: The Girl Scouts: Just One Big Lesbian Recruitment Camp.

    An interesting fact about me is that I haven't had a drink in 11 years and 3 days. Also, we eat pizza every single Friday night, rain or shine, and both boys were born 10 days early, required Pitocin induction, and came before the epidural could really work

  • Stefanie Favicchio, Editorial Marketing Manager


    Anything that is worthy of an eye-roll in real life is usually the most fun to write into an article. I like to think sarcasm is my best accessory. But I’d have to say my all-time favorite post wasn’t at all sarcastic -- it was just really enjoyable to write (and experience). It was when I played paparazzi for a day and hunted down the Kardashian girls for a photo opp.

    Fun fact: I’m really fascinated by psychics -- and I think I’m pretty intuitive.

    Also, I don’t have any kids but I am a full time mother to the greatest dog in the world, Mickey. He is a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix and there is a 100 percent chance that he is cuter than any other dog you know.

  • April Peveteaux, Featured Freelancer


    I love writing anything where I can say, "Good dads rule, lame dads can suck it." Because I feel like the majority of people expect so little of dads (for some crazy reason) and if we can give shout-outs to the good ones -- and shame the bad ones -- perhaps my daughter and son have a fighting chance at living in a different world by the time they're ready to be parents.

    This is kind of interesting ... I'm a National 4-H Winner. Head, heart, hands, and health, suckas.

    And my kids are already so much smarter than me at ages 6 and 3 that I'm totally scared they're going to swindle me out of my house deed, car keys, and Swiss bank accounts by the time they're 12. As long as they keep me on as a boarder and drive me to the grocery store every now and then, that's cool.

  • Linda Sharps, Featured Freelancer


    My favorite site to look for stories is on Google News.

    The hardest post to write is anything where I'm totally unfamiliar with the subject.

    And I'm inspired knowing that I made someone laugh or shared something that made a positive difference in their day.

  • Lindsay Ferrier, Featured Freelancer


    For my She's Still Got It column, I love finding story ideas by culling through the photos on I also love MTV's style blog -- they have a handle on what's current, inexpensive and highly entertaining.

    When it comes to my Behind the Vote column, I try to follow as many different news sources as possible in order to get many different perspectives on the election. During workouts at the gym, I flip between CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel. I also try to check the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Politico, and The Daily Beast at some point during each day.

    Political posts are tough to write because no matter what I write, someone's bound to take issue with it and call me biased. I am alternately accused of being a liberal and a conservative from post to post!

    And my family inspires me. I feel so lucky to have a career that allows me to do my work at the kitchen table, in the center of everything, and work my schedule around my kids' needs. Their presence is a constant reminder of what really matters in life. And just as I finished typing that sentence, my 4-year-old yelled, "Mommy, I'm ready for you to help me wipe my bum!" So um. I'd better go.

  • Michele Zipp, Featured Freelancer


    I like writing something that makes me and hopefully readers laugh or get all misty-eyed and reflective. Like one of the lists I've written in Love & Sex or my Now That I'm a Mom post.

    Fun fact about me is that I was a hardcore, punk, and metal DJ in college.

    And my family? We are a no shoes in the house family; and no socks on while in the bed since my Grandma always said that was like sleeping with the devil.

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