Soda Pop Pulled Pork & 5 Other Sparkling Recipes (VIDEO)

soda pulled porkThis morning on Today, "Pioneer Woman" blogger Ree Drummond showed us all the secret to her sweet/spicy/tangy pulled pork: Soda pop! That's right, after covering her pork shoulder with chilies, tomatoes, and spices she pours a few cans of Dr. Pepper over the whole thing and roasts it for about six hours.

Ree did not invent roasting with soda -- a lot of you have probably tried it out yourself. And I remember seeing Aretha Frankly bake ham with Coke on Martha Stewart. But it's been a while since I've heard of that roasting technique, and I think it sounds fun. It should work with all kind of flavors. I think root beer would be especially good. This got me to wondering -- what else could you bake, roast, or cook with soda?


First, here's Ree with her pulled pork! Personally I'd skip the brown sugar (since soda already has a ton of sugar), but I think this looks pretty tasty.


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Don't feel like roasting a whole pork shoulder? Try the same trick with just pork chops. BevNerd shows you how to make Soda Pop Pork Chops. This recipe comes with smashed potatoes -- yum!

Here's a video recipe for Diet Orange Soda Chicken. It's supposed to have a "Chinese food" flavor. Um, I'm skeptical of this recipe and of a cook who finds raw chicken "disgusting." But hey, it looks fun to try. Warning: Crazy, rambling recipe video. I'll be really impressed if you make it through the whole thing.



For the fluffiest cake imaginable -- at least, that's what I'm guessing -- try Quick Soda Pop Cake. Soda pop cake recipes are all over the Internet and apparently they're an old-fashioned Southern classic. Some soda pop cake recipes call for Jell-O, like this Strawberry Soda Pop Cake. Heck, you can make soda pop cupcakes in just about any flavor. Cute!

Have you ever cooked with soda pop?


Image via MSNBC

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