Weird New Foods Headed to a Grocery Store Near You (PHOTOS)

weird food trendsFood and drink are getting weird, you guys. Or at least if the vendors at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim last weekend have anything to say about it. I was lucky enough to grab a few hours at the largest expo I've ever seen in my entire life, and tried to separate the wheat from the chaff. (Of course, there was no wheat to be found, as this gluten-free thing has gotten out of hand!)

Here's what you can expect in your grocery store later this year, if your grocery store has a fantastic sense of adventure.


Water for Crazy Women

I had to stop and ask, WTF when I walked by Crazy Woman Water. Luckily, the company is neither disparaging women, nor trying to get ladies institutionalized. It turns out there is a Crazy Woman Mountain in Wyoming, and the water comes from deep within the depths. Good, now I don't feel so target-marketed.

weird food trendsPerky Jerky

Not just jerky, it's energizing beef and turkey jerky. Because that's exactly what you need with your jerky fix. Flavored with guarana, this additive is apparently as energizing as two sodas. But it's all-natural. Huh. Maybe we keep our energy sources separate from protein? Maybe?

weird food trendsGluten Ban

If you found yourself at the Expo without any previous knowledge about the gluten-free lifestyle (unlike me), you might wonder what the hell gluten was, and why everyone hates it. Because you've never seen so many gluten-free signs all over the food. Even foods that never touted their gluten-freeness were rocking the label. Even more hardcore? The gluten-free and dairy-free combo. You could even find it in the next big category of hot food trends --

weird food trendsKid Food for Every Occasion

Squeezers, veggie fries, snack packs, there were more kid food options than they ever had when we were young and hungry. And of course, many of them were gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. Allergic kids rejoice! And parents who don't love having your children being marketed to at the grocery store -- duck, and run.

Have you seen any of these items in stores yet?


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