McDonald's Becoming a McBakery Has McTastic Potential

Mcdonald's freshly baked goodsWhen I say McDonald's what do you think? Greasy food, French fries, burgers ... that sort of stuff -- right? Well, it seems that Ronald McDonald and his calorie-loving friends at the home of the Golden Arches are working toward breaking that stereotype with their newest additions to the menu. Ready for it? Breakfast pastries. How Starbucks of them, right?

Yup, the fast food is expanding their McCafe breakfast options with five new items at the chain's New England restaurants, including a cheese danish, banana bread, vanilla scone, multi-grain berry muffin, and a blueberry muffin. Surprisingly enough, these items are NOT frozen first, and are "baked fresh" every day in each restaurant.

McDonald's becoming a McBakery? I'm not so sure about this one ...


McDonald's is where I go for that low-priced, low-cal afternoon vanilla soft serve cone. It's the place I go late at night with my friends for a 5-piece McNugget (and maybe a quarter-pounder with cheese). It's NOT the place I think to go to when I want a blueberry muffin. I can't help but wonder: will they be caloric muffins? Will they come with a side of barbecue sauce!? Ahhh McD's, your reputation precedes you.

But who knows, maybe that will change. Maybe all of these pastries will be delicious and fresh tasting. Maybe McDonald's and breakfast will soon be synonymous! Making the pastries cheap will help, surely. Hey, if Ronboy and the crew can make them lower in calories than half of the options at Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, then I think the McBakery concept could be an absolute goldmine.

Would you buy McPastries at McD's?


Image via Nicola since 1972/ Flickr

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