85-Year-Old Woman Gives The Olive Garden an Adorable Review

olive garden restaurant reviewSometimes living in the big city can make you jaded. While you anxiously await the next gastro-pub opening, or fusion restaurant helmed by a celebrity chef, you may overlook the old reliable standbys such as The Olive Garden. Not so, in Grand Forks, North Dakota where the opening of the chain restaurant with unlimited bread sticks excited everyone so much, that the reviewer from the local paper had to go midday, as to not have to wait for a table. (Although, as she noted, there was plenty of seating for those who had to wait.)

As Marilyn Hagerty waxed poetic about the grand opening of the "Tuscan farmhouse style" restaurant, some of us wondered if this wasn't a joke. I mean, a glowing review of The Olive Garden and it's "warm and comforting" chicken Alfredo?

It's not a joke, and it is adorable.


Now that Hagerty's review has gone viral, the Grand Forks Herald is getting more page views than The Olive Garden is getting midday diners. I hope they're cashing in on advertisers as well. I also hope Marilyn Hagerty sees some cash for bringing all of this attention to her local paper, and continues to bring us reviews that remind us to appreciate what we have.

Not everyone lives in a town where The Olive Garden is in the middle of Times Square and there's no way you would be caught dead ordering their classic lasagna. Even though I'm in a food mecca now -- and dinner The Olive Garden doesn't exactly scream, "Romance!" -- I grew up in an area that would have welcomed the Tuscan chain. I remember my first experience with Romano's Macaroni Grill when I had just turned 21 and, ohmygod, they let you drink wine while you wait?!?

So hopefully Hagerty's review can remind us of the time before we took farm-to-table and gourmet hot dog restaurants for granted. Cuteness.

What do you think of Hagerty's review of The Olive Garden?

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