Spice May Be Your New Fat-Zapping Best Friend (VIDEO)

rogan joshDon't you hate it when some study comes out about a food you love and how it's going to kill you? Ice cream is the new cocaine! Well, good news, eaters: For today there is love in the air. Scientists have decided Indian food is good for you!

Or to be more specific (if you're a stickler for that sort of thing), new research from Penn State shows that high-fat meals are a lot less dangerous if they're loaded with traditional Indian spices: Turmeric, garlic, paprika, ginger -- as well as rosemary and oregano (which are not spices, but anyway) can cut the triglycerides in your blood by as much as a third. Delicious heart-saving food, get into my mouth!

We thought this would be a good time to throw a bunch of spicy Indian recipes at 'ya. Ready? Catch!


Oh, well what a coincidence: You'll find garlic, ginger, and paprika in today's Hunger Games stew recipe. It's Moroccan-ish, not Indian, but it's probably really good for you. Just saying.

Balti Butter Chicken: One of the all-time favorite Indian classics. Butter, chicken? Sounds fatty, right? But it's also loaded with spices, especially ginger.

Potato Chickpea Masala: Here's a vegetarian dish with ginger, curry, garlic, and... well, pretty much everything in your spice cabinet. If you're worried about taking the heat, you can skip the jalapeno and still get the spice benefits.

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Peanut Curry: Loads of ginger and other spices here. It's more of a Thai recipe, but it gets in a lot of the key spices. And I bet it's delectable.

Chicken Tikka Masala: Another classic Indian chicken dish! You'll need to plan a day ahead, though. This one bathes in its yogurt sauce overnight before you cook it. It's worth the extra step!

Chana Daal: Daal, or dhal, is an Indian dish using lentils. There's hundreds of versions, but this is a fairly easy and common one with plenty of spice.

I love me some Rogan Josh! What??? Yes, have a look-see. It may seem intimidating to make your own Indian food, but once you try that first recipe you'll see it's totally do-able. Or, you know, you could just order delivery.

Have you ever tried cooking Indian food?

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