Stephen Colbert Makes Delicious Fun of 'Second Breakfast' (VIDEO)

colbert second breakfastWell if there's one thing Stephen Colbert believes in, it's eating. Eat early and eat often! That could almost be his motto, especially after his latest "Thought for Food" segment. First of all, he's alarmed at the news that Mars is getting rid of its King-size candy bars. Now he'll have to eat three regular-sized bars!

But there's hope for the snacky. Ever since Taco Bell introduced Fourthmeal, Americans have been finding ways to expand our "mealtime horizons." Second Breakfast is on the rise! What, you haven't heard of Second Breakfast? You must not be a Lord of the Rings fan.


Comedy Central - The Colbert Report

Yes, Second Breakfast, that gift of the hobbits, has caught on in mainstream America at last. And it's about darn time, too, now that we know we should also be eating dessert with breakfast. How are we supposed to squeeze "this complete breakfast" (as shown in every cereal commercial) together with breakfast dessert all in one sitting? This is how: Second Breakfast/dessert.

And since Stephen is talking about "responsible snacking," I'm starting to put two and two together. Your best choice for Second Breakfast/dessert? The new under-250-calorie candy bar, obviously. Because when a candy bar is smaller, it's a lot less irresponsible to eat, right? I think that's how the logic goes, anyway.

Do you ever eat a second breakfast?

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