'Top Chef: Texas' Reunion Recap: 5 Surprising Revelations (VIDEO)

Sarah GruenebergFor a less-than-stellar season of Top Chef, I have to say the reunion for Top Chef: Texas tonight was actually quite entertaining. It was no all-out couch brawl like those we see for Real Housewives, but it definitely got intense at times.

The chefs were all back together, along with the judges, and Andy Cohen. Andy steered and asked a mixture of viewer questions and those of his own. There were tears, laughter, blood, and more. Amidst it all there were at least five shocking revelations:


1. Sarah Grueneberg may have told Emeril to eff off. Andy said he'd heard from someone in production that she'd done so. Her denial wasn't very convincing and included rebuttals like, "I don't remember doing that" and "I don't believe that." Saying she thought it was "shitty" that it was being brought up then didn't do much to help her case either.

Bravo TV Official Site - Did Sarah Curse Out Emeril?

2. Edward Lee apologized for how he treated Sarah when she overheated during the barbecue challenge. "I admit it, I was a dick," he said. Way to own up to it Ed, though I didn't blame him for it in the first place.

3. Sarah did apologize to Beverly Kim for the things she'd said to her. Sarah said she did so in Whistler, and Bev said she appreciated it.

4. Heather Terhune got a death threat after the show. She said feedback from fans calling her a bully for the way she treated Bev were out of control. She makes no apologies for her actions though.

5. Heather wants to make out with Bev ... well, if she had to choose between that and only cooking Asian food for the rest of her career. I suppose that's not so shocking, but it was an interesting question. I think Bev was flattered.

Did you watch the Top Chef: Texas reunion? What were your favorite moments?

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