Find Out Why We're So Obsessed With Pepper Jack Cheese (VIDEO)

pepper jack cheeseA little bird just told me that Pepper Jack Cheese is trending like a honey badger these days. Have you noticed? All of a sudden it's in everything: Southwest Patty Melt at Carl's Jr., Pepper Jack Nut Thins, Kraft Pepper Jack Cheez-Its. In the past two years SPICY! cheese has found its way into over 50 food products.

So what has made Monterey Jack cheese mixed with hot peppers suddenly so irresistible? Blimpie Marketing VP Steve Evans says it's the Millennials, who "tend to be more adventurous with what they put on a sandwich." You kids! So those of you who want to surf this food trend, here's a few ideas for letting Pepper Jack spice up your meals at home.


Pimiento Cheese: Know what else is trending? Southern food like pimiento cheese! This one combines Pepper Jack and cheddar along with a dash of other essential ingredients to make a super-easy spread.

Spicy Pepper Jack Fondue: This is a kicky twist on the melty-cheese classic. And I think it would make dipping veggies especially tasty. This recipe includes handy step-by-step photos.

Brussels Sprouts with Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce: Okay, I know Brussels sprouts aren't for everyone, but I happen to love them. They're feisty little veggies, and who better to stand up to them than Pepper Jack cheese?

Bobby's Hot Crab Dip: Here's Bobby Deen with his mama, Paula, to make a zesty hot crab dip using Pepper Jack cheese.

Jalapeño Poppers: And finally, an outside-the-box idea: Pepper Jack cheese turned inside-out! Take the trend to the next level with Jalapeño Poppers. The Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese go inside the peppers. I've been craving these like crazy lately, so I think this is actually the Pepper Jack recipe I'm most likely to try this week!

Have you had pepper jack cheese lately? Are you already a fan?


Image via Jeffreyw/Flickr

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