Paula Deen Bonds With Oprah While We Lust After Their Food (VIDEO)

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Tell us more about that cake, Paula
Wouldn't y'all like to sit down for brunch with Paula Deen, her family, and Oprah Winfrey? Well you can -- that is, vicariously. On her new show, Oprah's Next Chapter, O visited Paula's home for a little breakfast and a big family brunch to talk about Paula's personal journey.

This was Paula's turn to tell her story her way. And obviously that meant no questions about her scandalous diabetes drug endorsement deal or the sexual harassment lawsuit hanging over her head! But Paula did give us some hints about why she may have made that deal. And, if course, she gave us the chance to drool over some heavenly-looking Southern food!


Oprah and BFF Gayle King start the day with an intimate breakfast with Paula. And right there, in the middle of the table, is what looks like a dripping sticky-bun cake. The ladies pull it apart while they talk, and Paula sips from the most gigantic mug I've ever seen anyone hold without the use of a crane. Where did she get that thing? Anyway, back to the cake -- I'm sure Paula does not eat that every day. And by the way, I would like the recipe, please.

The first thing Paula says as she begins brunch with the whole family is, "We do not eat like this every day!" (See?) It's like she's waiting for the haters to pounce on her and complain about all the rich delectables on everyone's plates. Oprah is so knocked out she makes everyone pause a moment to honor the fried green tomatoes. Oh my, Paula, won't you pass some of those over my way? I could hardly focus on another word after that moment.

I haven't even told you about Paula's gorgeous kitchen and the pineapple upside-down cake just sitting there all pretty.

Anyway, here's what Paula would not talk about: The endorsement deal with Novo Nordisk and her diabetes. Forget it! I wonder if Oprah even tried? She also didn't talk about the sexual harassment lawsuit against her and her brother from a former general manager of their restaurant, Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.

Instead, she talked about the tragedies that haunt her still. Her father died when she was 19, and for the next 20 years, she was nearly paralyzed with agoraphobia, convinced that she would be next. Her mother's death just a few years later left the family in dire financial straits, and Paula promised herself that as God is my witness I will never go hungry again! (Oh, I'm quoting the wrong Southern lady, but you get the idea.) She has been consumed with anxiety over having enough money ever since. Is this the real reason she took that Novo Nordisk endorsement deal?

Do you think Paula's past explains her current behavior? And would you like some of that cake?


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