8 Amazing Oreo Creations Will Make You Drool

oreosHappy 100th Birthday to the Oreo! It's hard to believe, but the iconic chocolate sandwich cookie with the creamy middle was created 100 years ago in New York City.

I don't have to tell you that everyone has a favorite way to eat an Oreo: Dunking it in cold milk; or twisting off the top, licking out the middle, and then nibbling at the cookies; or scarfing down whole cookies six at a time are all but a few options. And then there are those people who like to use Oreos as a base for some of the most amazing and delicious desserts of all time. Anyone can make an Oreo milkshake or crumble them into brownies, but these creations are truly over the top!


The first creation is one of those ideas that's so simple and genius, you're mad you didn't think of it yourself: S'moreos! You substitute Oreos for graham crackers and the rest (milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows) is the exact same. The result is even more chocolately and gooey than the original.

Reese's Stuffed Oreos might be the most perfect food on earth. It's an entire Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sandwiched between two Oreos. Then, the entire thing is dipped in melted chocolate. I literally cannot think of anything I'd rather eat.

The only thing that would even come close is this recipe for Chocolate Chip and Oreo Fudge Brownie Bars. The crazy people who made this actually stacked two on top of each other and smothered it in ice cream. I would like to be friends with these wonderful people.

Do you know that some people love Oreos so much they opted for wedding cake made entirely out of Oreos? True story. And it is a sight to behold.

Now, this may be a little stomach turning, but bear with me: It seems that a popular pastime for many people on the Internet is to take apart Oreo cookies, scrape out the middle, and then reassemble into one massive cookie. These folks made an Oreo cookie with an entire package of Double-Stuffed Oreo Cookies. Disgusting or delicious? I'm leaning toward the latter.

What happens when you deep fry Oreos? Well, it's quite simple really: They get even more spectacular (especially if you dip them in pancake batter first). Weeee!

And, of course, we can't forget two of the most decadent recipes here on The Stir: There's this heavenly one for Death by Oreo Cupcakes with chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, and chopped Mint Oreos. And everyone's favorite Oreo Peanut Butter Balls are like perfection in your mouth.

What's the best Oreo creation you've ever made?

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