$8 Movie Snacks Drive Man to Get Revenge on Theater

Movie theater popcornMovie theater snacks are hella expensive. Yet, I still buy them every time I head to see a flick. Of course, I complain in the process -- mostly because A. I WISH I could stuff my face with a medium popcorn AND Buncha Crunch AND a large Coke AND gummy worms while salivating over a half-naked Ryan Gosling, but that would cost me about $20 too much, and B. Because well, why not?

Seems that a man by the name of Joshua Thompson in Michigan has gone past the complaining stage and filed a full-on lawsuit against his local cinema. Thompson is suing AMC Theatres with hopes "of forcing theaters statewide to dial down snack prices." After his last visit to the movies when he paid $8 for a Coke and a pack of Goobers chocolate-covered peanuts, he was DONE.

The suit is still in progress. But hey -- kudos, Josh. You take a stand! The hard truth, though, is that people WANT this stuff when they go to the movies. No matter what the price is -- there's always going to be someone to buy the goods.


We have to face the facts: popcorn, boxes of candy, soda, slushies, nachos ... all of these foods have inherently become a part of the movie-going experience. Whether or not they are super duper overpriced, indulging in buttery goodness and one-too-many chocotastic calories is a huge deciding factor when heading to the movies in the first place.

Besides, the prices aren't exactly the theater's fault. In fact, since movie ticket sales are down a whole lot since the turn of the new millennium ($1.2 billion last year compared to $1.6 billion back in 2002), the high concessions prices are what KEEPS those theaters open! Heck, the box office needs to make money somehow.

In my eyes, I'll consider that high-priced popcorn my "Support Hollywood" donation. Hell, as long as it comes light on the butter topped with salt, I'm game.

Do you indulge when you head to the theater with movie snacks?

Image via Kathleen Cavalaro/Flickr

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