New McDonald's Sandwich Makes the McRib Look Healthy

McRibsterThe name of McDonald's newest sandwich sounds like a joke -- The McRibster. The ingredients would be even more laughable ... if they weren't so horrifying.

It's like the cult classic McRib, but more in every way. No mere pressed pork made to resemble a rib cage, the McRibster raises the bar by adding cheese, bacon (mmm, pork on pork!), and -- if you can believe it -- even more. The official description from Burger Business describes it as containing the following: "“juicy pork, bacon, pepper-Jack cheese, and crunchy iceberg lettuce, red onion, delicious honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce.”

And oh yeah, that pork is juicy because it's breaded and deep-fried. I can hear the sound arteries clogging and waistbands expanding now.


To be fair, I would find it difficult to choke down a McRib if you paid me, so perhaps the devoted masses who stalk this sandwich around the world, see some value in this new amplified version that I'm missing. But even with nutrition and health concerns aside, it still just sounds McGross to me.

Also, I always thought that if there was any redeeming quality in a McRib, it was the sandwich's simplicity -- just "meat", sauce, onions, and pickles. The McRibster knows no simplicity, and it sounds like one big overload of tastes, fat, and calorie. The thought of the McRib being the "eat this" in an "eat this, not that" kind of scenario is just too sad to consider.

The only good news about this atrocity of a sandwich is that we fat, fast-food pushing Americans can't be blamed for it, because it's not even available here. Currently it's only available in Austria ... for now. Yes, the hills are alive only there with the smell of the McRibster.

Of course, it's likely only a matter of time before supply meets demand, and I fear that demand will be high when Americans learn of what they're missing. Until then, if you need your McRibster fix, get your passport and arteries ready.

Would you eat the McRibster?

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