Nestle's New Chocolate Is Irresistible -- But You Can't Have Any

butterfingersGreat news! Nestle has ditched all of the artificial ingredients in its candy. In the UK. After nearly seven years of searching for the perfect replacement ingredients, all of the dyes and flavorings in Nestle's candies now come from natural ingredients, like carrot, hibiscus, and lemon. That is, for candy sold in the UK. It's natural all the way for Nestle, baby! At least in the UK.

Can you tell I'm a little envious? What about here in the US? I would like the chocolates made with hibiscus, too! What makes the English so bloody special? Or do you think we'll get all-natural candy here someday?


Hah! Don't hold your breath. According to Huffington Post, Nestle does not currently have plans to make those big changes in the candy sold here. Nope. And why is that? Because we're not asking for it -- or not enough of us are. Because in this country, every time you have a group of people rising up and saying, "No more crap in our food, we demand better!" there's another group nearly as loud saying, "No, we like the crap! Give us some more crappy crap!" And here we are.

So what's wrong with artificial ingredients in our candy, anyway? Oh, you know, the usual -- pack of scientists showing it's connected to hyperactivity among other things. 

But hey, this is America. No one is forcing you to eat the candy with artificial ingredients, right? We believe freedom of choice and personal responsibility and all that. So how pathetic that when we vote with our dollars, we give Nestle absolutely no reason to change for us -- even when they've shown that they're willing to completely bend over backwards and replace 80 ingredients in 79 products overseas. Oh -- did I mention there are plans to go natural in Canada and some European countries? 

You know the saying, "Don't ask, don't get." The U.S. is a huge market and it might take Nestle even longer to change all the candy sold here. But -- the U.S. is a huge market. They want our business. Delicious all-natural candy could be ours, too, if we just get it together and demand it.

Would you like Nestle to ditch the artificial ingredients in candy sold in the U.S., too, or do you care?

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