Angelina Jolie McDonald's Sighting: What's in the Bag?

mcdonaldsGood news, everyone! Angelina Jolie was recently seen within close proximity to food. She and Brad Pitt were photographed pulling up to a McDonald's drive-through. Brad takes the golden arches bags from the window ... passes them to Angelina's waiting hands ... BUT DID SHE EAT ANY OF IT??? Or is it just for the kids?

Okay, if you ask me, it's really hard to tell who is in that SUV in the photos. It could be my sister and brother-in-law, for all we know. But let's play along anyway, shall we? It's more fun that way. Anyone dying to find out what's in that bag?


Here are my guesses.

Shamrock Shakes: The Pitt-Jolies are feeling nostalgic for a taste from their childhood. Shamrock Shake season is upon us. But why not have the cook whip up a homemade version at home, far away from prying paparazzi eyes?

Fries: Isn't this the main reason why anyone goes to McDonald's? "Mmmm, fries. So long and salty, just like my right leg," Angelina muses to herself. 

Oatmeal: Angelina uses the breakfast item as a face mask once a week. And with the sugar in the oatmeal, it makes a super-effective exfoliant, too! Best-kept beauty secret in Hollywood -- you heard it here, first.

Coffee: The least exciting possibility, but also the most likely since they were there in the morning. "Hon, can we stop for coffee?" "Sure, Baby, but Starbucks is on the left and you know it takes approximately 30 minutes to turn in LA." And then they saw the McDonald's on the right and remembered that they sell coffee. 

Whatever it is, here's what I think is really going on: Angelina is just messing with our heads, as usual. "I got those silly people to talk about my right leg for a WHOLE WEEK, those fools! Now I'll buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's and then they won't know what to think. Mwahahahaha!" And it worked.

What do you think the Jolie-Pitts got at McDonald's?


Image via kodomut/Flickr

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