Green Eggs and Ham Recipes Even Sam-I-Am Would Love

green eggs and hamIn honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, I think I need to make my family some Green Eggs and Ham. Am I right, people? We will have them in a boat, and we will eat them with a goat, and we will eat them in the rain, and in the dark, and on a train. Actually, no, we will just eat them at the table like we usually do. But they really are so good, so good, you see! Just speaking for myself, I would eat them ANYWHERE.

And there are so many, many ways you see, to have green eggs and ham. I'll show you! Come with me.

Okay, I'll stop with the Seusspeak. But check out these fun green eggs and ham ideas.


When I was a kid, my mom would put green food coloring into our scrambled eggs to make green eggs. (Some fans say you need to use blue, since eggs are already yellow.) But I always wanted to replicate those green yolks. Supposedly ducks who eat acorns will produce green yolks -- so there's that if you want your fried eggs to turn out looking just like they look in the book.

For the rest of us non-duck-owning folks, there is Eggs Florentine! Your eggs won't literally be green, more green by association with spinach. But this is one of my favorites. Serve with a nice, thick slice of ham.

If you want fried eggs and ham that are both green, Instructables has your how-to. These eggs come out with green "whites" rather than green yolks. You'll never guess what they use to dye those eggs, either. PURPLE CABBAGE. You have to see this!

If you're up for a wilder science experiment, check out these Spherified Green Eggs and Ham. You'll need peas and sodium alginate, among other things. Yeah ... I'm not making them, either, but it's cool to read about.

Naturally, Martha Stewart has a Green Eggs and Ham Omelet -- and this I really would try. Her recipe gets its green from spinach. She also has a Green Eggs and Ham with arugula, parsley, and basil that looks sensational.

Heck, if you search just on Food Network, you'll find Rachael Ray's Green Eggs and Ham, Green Eggs and Ham With PestoGreen Deviled Eggs With Ham, and, and, and -- it goes on. Loads of GE&H recipes there. One way or another, we are so having green eggs and ham tonight for dinner.

Have you ever made green eggs and ham?


Image via Ben Husmann/Flickr

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