What’s Better Than Drinking Herbal Tea? Smoking It (VIDEO)

vivid visionsI have to confess something here: Sometimes I smoke up. I'm not talking about tobacco or, cough cough, "Mary Jane." I mean an herbal blend -- smokable herbal tea, basically. It's a blend of wildcrafted mullein, mugwort, and damiana, plus some organic coltsfoot and lavender. Just some friendly little herbs gathered to help me get my smooth on.

I'd never heard of this stuff until my friend Liz Neves started making and selling it. I've been buying her botanical-based lotions and potions, but this was totally unexpected! I had to try it.


I wasn't the only one intrigued, apparently. Vivid Visions Smoke Blend is Liz's best-selling product! And yeah, it's pretty damn groovy. It's not as dramatic and loopy as marajuana -- thank goodness. It's just really mellow and dreamy. I don't know how else to explain it.

For that matter, it's better than booze, too. I'm not sure inhaling smoke of any sort is GREAT for your lungs, but the mullein is supposed to be soothing for them. It's a lot gentler than alcohol, that's for sure -- but it still lowers your inhibitions and relaxes you socially. Really, it's a pretty good party drug for those of us who are past our dancing-on-tables years. Oh yeah, and it's legal.

Of course, I still don't smoke it in front of my son. First of all, I haven't asked Liz if it's safe to smoke the stuff around children. But also, how to explain? "Mommy thinks smoking cigarettes is bad, but this herbal stuff is just fine!" I think he can handle that bit, but then I know he's going to show up at school the next day and be all, "Hey, my mom smokes these herbs and she says it's great!" To his teachers. Uncomfortable parent-teacher conference ensues.

So that's why I smoke it in the bathroom, like some sneaking teenager. Or on the roof deck. Or when I "go out for a little walk." Come to think of it, it's been a while since I last smoked the stuff. Maybe I'll have some tonight -- after my kid goes to bed!

Have you ever heard of smokeable herbs like this blend?

Image via Food Curated

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