KKK Chicken Tenders Lunch Isn't What You Think

school lunch kkk chickenOh lord. Someone at Marsh Grammar School in Methuen, Massachusetts should be in big trouble after putting KKK Chicken Tenders on the school lunch menu. But not just for the obvious reasons -- which are REALLY obvious to anyone with a fourth grade education.

Needless to say, when children brought home the lunch menu, parents were scared to send the little ones to school the next day for fear of finding some racist, violent chicken tenders on their lunch tray.

Even though the intention behind the KKK tenders was not to actually promote discrimination, murder, and hatred, saddling a menu item with KKK was still incredibly stupid.


You see, "KKK" apparently stands for "Krispy Krunchy Khicken" Chicken Tenders. Yep. Teaching kids how to misspell and use the same word twice in the same descriptive was the goal of the KKK Chicken Tenders. While not as bad as the Ku Klux Klan, still, pretty bad.

I'm sure writing out the school lunch menu is not the best gig in the Boston area. It must get a little bit dull, a little challenging to come up with new enticing ways to describe the same old nugget. Just like some people call their potato treat "fryz," the person who was creating the Marsh Grammar School menu was perhaps just trying to be "extreme." Because the kids love that.

Personally, I wouldn't eat a KKK Chicken Tender if you paid me, but maybe there are some rebellious and/or bigoted kids at Marsh that were totally stoked about the KKK treat. And perhaps they were the target audience. Or perhaps someone needs to go back to grammar school themselves before writing anything, ever again.

Should someone be fired over this chicken tender fiasco?

Image via USDAgov/Flickr

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