'Top Chef: Texas' Finale Recap: A Delicious Ending

Top Chef TexasTonight was the finale of Top Chef: Texas, and a winner was declared. Stop reading here if you don't want to know who it was yet as there are *spoilers ahead*.

Left standing tonight in one of the show's least exciting seasons were Paul Qui and Sarah Grueneberg. They were each tasked with creating a four-course tasting menu for 100 people. Anything was game.

I was Team Paul all the way, but pretty much resigned to the fact that Sarah would win. The judges seemed impressed all along with her ability to take risks and push herself; I found her abrasive and still hold a bit of a grudge against her for Beverly Kim's sake.


Personalities aside, however, both cooked up some amazing fare. Paul went for Japanese, while Sarah mixed German and Italian. Honestly, neither meal was something I’d probably order (Sweetbreads and Chawanmushi aren’t my thing), but I would have gladly devoured both desserts (Paul’s coconut ice cream with puffed wild rice, mango, and Thai chili foam, and Sarah’s hazelnut cake with white chocolate looked divine).

Neither meal blew the other away, which would have made the judges’ job easier. Instead, they genuinely liked almost every aspect of both meals. Sarah took more risks, but Paul was better with details. Overall, the judges said it was the best food they ever saw in a finale. But there could only be one winner.

And it was ... Paul. Sarah was visibly crushed as she thought she was going to win, and I did feel sorry for her. "I thought for a second it was going to be me and it wasn't," she said crying. "I think I deserve to be Top Chef but it wasn't my day."

Still, it was good to see such a good guy win, and his family was so proud of him. Not that personality is what this competition is about, but it's always good to see a phenomenal chef, who just so happens to be a nice guy, finish first. Congratulations to him.

Were you happy with the outcome of Top Chef: Texas?

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