Annoying Vegans Aren't Converting Anyone

obnoxious vegan
You just made it my business!!!!
Some people have dietary restrictions. I'm one of them, even though it's for my health, not moral reasons. Whatever your reasons for eating one type of food and shunning another, that's your business. Hopefully you consider your own health and the health of your family when making your meal plans, and if you're really gung-ho you also consider the environment. And good for you, for looking outside your own home and living your life with a sense of responsibility towards the earth, and your fellow man (and beast).

I'm a big fan of responsible eating, and do it myself as often as possible. Which is why I hate to see the most annoying person in the entire world call herself a vegan, while spouting off total fabrications and condemnations about those who do not choose her way of life. Really, vegan lady, you should at least understand myths vs. facts before you go batshit crazy on YouTube.


Yep. If you eat meat and dairy, you're totally responsible for killing people on 9/11. Who knew? This obnoxious turd did. Except she's totally wrong. Also, that whole "taxes" argument is a non-starter. There are plenty of things we don't want our taxes paying for, but we don't get to pick and choose. Because that would be crazy. Just like you, aggro vegan!

I'm always amazed at how people think you'll come over to their side if only they shame you and yell at you enough. Because we all want to be on the team with the biggest a-hole, right? All this lady is doing is making people like me -- people who strive to live more like vegan-types than not -- want to go out and order up a huge juicy steak smothered in cheese sauce.

Are you a vegan? Do you think she's helping?

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