Maximize Family Time Using Technology

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As a mom, you know it can be difficult to balance the demands of everyday life and spending time with your family. With everyone doing different things, it’s important to set aside time to eat together as a family. But how? Take advantage of technology!

Try these tech tips to maximize the time you have with your loved ones:

  1. Create a calendar: Make an electronic family calendar and block out time for family meals. Add movie nights and other fun events, too! Be sure to sync up everyone’s calendars.
  2. “Invite” others: Just because family members live far away doesn’t mean they have to miss breakfast on a Saturday morning! Use video chat to include out-of-town guests.
  3. Cook with your kids: Let them search the web for new recipes and then they can help you out in the kitchen.
  4. Pick a meal, any meal: Can’t do dinner together? Plan a weekly breakfast, Sunday brunch, or even dessert (make your own sundaes, perhaps?!).
  5. Use your spare time wisely: Waiting for your kids to finish practice? Sneak in a few emails or phone calls so you’re not distracted during family dinner.

How do you fit in family meals? Do you have any tips for other moms?

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