Restaurant Kicks Out Lesbian Couple for Perfectly Good Reason

lips kissingA restaurant in Phoenix is drawing ire from residents after one of its managers allegedly asked a lesbian couple celebrating their anniversary to leave after they hugged and kissed because they were making other diners "uncomfortable." I probably don't have to tell you why people are so outraged, but I will: They think the couple was asked to leave because they were homosexual, and had they been heterosexual, they would have been treated differently.

Obviously, no one should EVER be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, and if this is, in fact, what happened at the restaurant, then its employees have some serious issues to work out and apologize for (and it sounds like they are investigating the incident).

But I do have one comment to make about PDA regardless of whether it's happening between two men or two women or a man and woman: It's gross and does not belong in restaurants. Period!


Seriously, people, I'm not sure why there is any confusion, but restaurants are for eating! Not for loudly running your mouth on your cellphone, not for being a drunk a-hole with your fellow drunk friends, and not for sucking face in dark corners with your significant other -- but EATING, plain and simple.

Just last weekend I was dining out at a restaurant and there was a couple practically dry humping on a couch in the middle of the room. (I couldn't tell their gender nor did I really care.) Now, I am generally someone who minds her own business; but this couple was so distracting and disruptive -- and not in a good way. I was an innocent bystander simply there to consume delicious food and maybe a cocktail or two. Why did I have to see that?

Now, it would be misleading to insinuate that this couple in Phoenix were "sucking face." They maintain they simply hugged for about 60 seconds and then quickly kissed. Sounds pretty tame to me. Still, I can understand if other diners thought they saw more and felt uncomfortable. Maybe kicking them out is a little extreme, but to ask heterosexual and homosexual couples to tone down the PDA during dinner? Yeah, I think that's appropriate.

Do you like to watch PDA while you eat?


Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

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