7 Ways to Use Those Oscar Party Food Leftovers

party leftoversLet's sing along with Doris Day -- "The Party's Over..." Yes, the fun Oscar parties are over. And if you were in Hollywood partying with the glitzy-glammy stars, party leftovers are the last thing you have to worry about. But if you threw your own Oscar party at home (you DYI-er, you), there's a good chance you've got party food leftovers on your hands.

And the thing about leftovers is, they're often kind of like a big pile of mis-matched socks. Not much use for them, right? Unless you wake up in the middle of the night hungry and don't mind noshing in front of an open refrigerator. But we can do better than that. Here's a few ideas for those party leftovers.

  1. Casserole topping: If you've got a few half-full bags or bowls of chip crumbs, save them to top macaroni and cheese, tuna casserole, even lasagna. You can even freeze the crumbs and save them for the next time you need breading for fried chicken.
  2. Sandwich spreads: If you've got some random quarter-cups of dips here and there, save them for sandwich spreads. Turkey with guacamole -- yum! Or a BLT with onion dip. The possibilities are endless. Take a break from the mayo and mustard.
  3. Whatever omelets: Got some left over crudites (you know, from the veggie platter)? Or maybe a few chunks of cheese and sausage? Chop them up just a little smaller and fold them into an omelet or frittata -- or a quiche if you're feeling fancy.
  4. Anything salad: Start with lettuce and throw in whatever else you have left from the party -- fruit, veggies, olives. Even the chips could work here -- seriously! That's the lovely thing about a salad. Anything goes as long as you think it'll taste good together. Think of  a salad as a casserole you don't bake. Okay, maybe that doesn't quite work, but you know what I mean.
  5. Pizza: One of my favorite dinners is making pizza using pre-made dough from the grocery store and whatever we can find in the refrigerator. Pizza is a great way to use of leftovers. Ditto with burritos.
  6. Beer pancakes: Swap beer for milk or buttermilk in your favorite pancake recipe. I swear, it's the tastiest thing and it totally works. Maybe not a good one for the kids, though. You can save wine for a sauce, or you could, you know, just drink it. Is there even such thing as booze leftovers, really?
  7. Sundae toppings: Maybe you have candy, cookies, and other sweets -- and they're not so great rolled up in a burrito? Save them for an ice cream sundae!

What do you usually do with your party leftovers?

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