Greedy Banker Who Tipped Waitress 1 Percent Deserves to Starve

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restaurant checkThere are few things that set me spiraling into a tizzy more than when I'm dining out with someone who refuses to tip fairly. I'm pretty certain that had I been a dining companion of this banker in Newport Beach, California, I would have gone off my rocker. The jerk is being accused of leaving his waitress a tip of 1 percent on a lunch bill for $133. Are you doing the math? That's a paltry $1.33 tip after this guy (and some of his employees) stuffed their pie-holes full of $133 worth of food. And that's NOT the worst of it ...

In addition to circling the word "tip" on the bill, the banker allegedly wrote, "Get a real job." Ugh! Doesn't it just turn your stomach to know there are such arrogant, despicable people in the world?

It should be mentioned that this story came to light after someone who was dining with the banker put the receipt on his blog; it's since been taken down, which does raise questions as to how much of this story is actually true. Update: The story has since been confirmed as a hoax. Nevertheless, there are some really crappy tippers out there, shoving expensive food down their gullets and refusing to compensate their servers appropriately. This sort of disgusting behavior must be stopped.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: If you can afford to go out to eat, then you can afford to leave a fair gratuity. Even if your server is having an off night, they are still providing a basic service and absolutely deserve to be paid accordingly. You certainly don't have to shell out 20 percent after a night of mediocre service; but most people would agree at least 10 percent -- 15 percent if you're a kind soul -- is more than appropriate. And if you don't, well, I'm wondering what kind of chip you have on your shoulder.

Think about it this way: No matter what our profession is, we all have off days. Maybe you spent the day gchatting with your husband instead of doing whatever it is that you do to bring in your paycheck. Does that mean you only get 1 percent of your salary? Of course not. It just means you had an unproductive day, and you'll do better tomorrow. But you aren't punished for it. Why should it be any different for those who work in the service industry? Which, by the way, is absolutely a REAL JOB.

Do you think this banker is a complete jerk?


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dixie... dixiegurl223626

I think the written "tip" is uncalled for and disrespectful. Who would have served him if the waitress didnt?

Susie19 Susie19

Definitely seems like a rude guy for doing this, but maybe the waitress wasn't doing her job very well.  I love giving tips to nice servers, but sometimes I've gotten servers who are rude or seemed annoyed with me so I don't tip them because they don't deserve it.  We shouldn't be expected to pay for bad service simple as that. 

the4m... the4mutts

Idk about the banker. Don't care. What I care about is this entitled attitude of wait staff to be overcompensated for a service they are already paid to *poorly* provide.

If a waiter/waitress doesn't do a decent job, I will NOT leave any tip at all. In California, minimum wage is about $8.00 an hr. I do not feel like I am taking anything away from them if they have not earned it.

The price of the food is NOT equal to the quality of service.

They're not entitled to a tip just for standing there

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and in california, they are taxed for their tips, sure. But if they're diligent about itemizing, they won't be taxed for money they didn't make. And in CA, the resturaunts do not adjust wages based on the assumption that tips will be received.

brook... brookemhowell

lots of people are like that, it's bad when we people who need to get real jobs get excited about 20% tips, but most of the servers i know only make $2 an hour plus we have to tip out a percentage of our sales (NOT tips) so when guests don't tip well we LOSE money.

Torto... Tortoise77

" why do I have to tip a waiter when I can grap a plate my self" well why dont you just go home and cook your own meal you lazy bitch!! these people are taking YOUR ORDERS! Bringing you anything you need! if you dont feel like they should be compensated why dont you just go fucking home and do it all for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Disney17 Disney17

That's just so rude. He'll get his, and karma's a bitch.

nonmember avatar Clarebear

I am a waitress. I make 2 dollars and 15 cents an hour, that's it. There are days I go above and beyond for people and they still don't tip. A lot of people just assume servers make minimum wage or more, but unfortunately that's not the case. The way I see it is if you aren't gonna leave a tip for a server who did their job, fine, be that way. But don't make a huge disgusting mess because whoever cleans it will probably make less than a dollar for doing it, don't order 100 dollars worth of food, and don't sit there for 2 hours. It stinks, but servers DO depend on the tips.

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