Greedy Banker Who Tipped Waitress 1 Percent Deserves to Starve

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restaurant checkThere are few things that set me spiraling into a tizzy more than when I'm dining out with someone who refuses to tip fairly. I'm pretty certain that had I been a dining companion of this banker in Newport Beach, California, I would have gone off my rocker. The jerk is being accused of leaving his waitress a tip of 1 percent on a lunch bill for $133. Are you doing the math? That's a paltry $1.33 tip after this guy (and some of his employees) stuffed their pie-holes full of $133 worth of food. And that's NOT the worst of it ...

In addition to circling the word "tip" on the bill, the banker allegedly wrote, "Get a real job." Ugh! Doesn't it just turn your stomach to know there are such arrogant, despicable people in the world?

It should be mentioned that this story came to light after someone who was dining with the banker put the receipt on his blog; it's since been taken down, which does raise questions as to how much of this story is actually true. Update: The story has since been confirmed as a hoax. Nevertheless, there are some really crappy tippers out there, shoving expensive food down their gullets and refusing to compensate their servers appropriately. This sort of disgusting behavior must be stopped.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: If you can afford to go out to eat, then you can afford to leave a fair gratuity. Even if your server is having an off night, they are still providing a basic service and absolutely deserve to be paid accordingly. You certainly don't have to shell out 20 percent after a night of mediocre service; but most people would agree at least 10 percent -- 15 percent if you're a kind soul -- is more than appropriate. And if you don't, well, I'm wondering what kind of chip you have on your shoulder.

Think about it this way: No matter what our profession is, we all have off days. Maybe you spent the day gchatting with your husband instead of doing whatever it is that you do to bring in your paycheck. Does that mean you only get 1 percent of your salary? Of course not. It just means you had an unproductive day, and you'll do better tomorrow. But you aren't punished for it. Why should it be any different for those who work in the service industry? Which, by the way, is absolutely a REAL JOB.

Do you think this banker is a complete jerk?


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mustb... mustbeGRACE

       Was she a chitty waitress?

Does anyone know?

scoot... scooteroosMama

That's my question. I am a waitress, and dang good one if I do say so. I make good money at it too (so it is a "real job" ) most nights my tips average out to $17/hr or more. Sure there are jerks who leave very little if anything even when you do everything above and beyond for them. But the vast majority of people are generous.

That being said, and even though I am a waitress myself, I had the worst service ever the other night. So bad, that I can't even wrap my head around why this girl did so poorly (and I am VERY lieniate in my judging because I know what it takes when you're slammed at dinner rush) and needless to say I did not tip her well, because she did not do her job, and she was not in the least bit personable or pleasent. 

If this guy was being a snobby pig, he deserves to be heckled endlessly. If this girl was the equivlent of the server I had the other night, I can't blame him for leaving a 1% tip. (although his "extra tip" was uncalled for and rude no matter the circumstances.)

LOswa... LOswald0314

It depends on the service. A tip is a TIP not a wage. If I get crappy service I'll tip crappy.  If my server at least makes an effort I tip very well.  It's not an entitlement, you have to work for it.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

I hate how we are expected to essentially pay the waiters wages. But he shouldn't have taken out on her.

nonmember avatar dg

I was a waitress. I tip REALLY well when I get good or even fair service. I understand all the they that can put you behind. BUT if it is truely bad service. I have stiffed people. Some people are not good servers

nonmember avatar Susanne

Wasnt this proven to be a hoax last week? The waitress made it all up.

WadeM... WadeMom313

In the SERVICE industry,  you absolutely lose part of your pay when  you have an off day.  It's akin to a commission based job where you pay is based on performance.  If you aren't going to give 100% (which you can't all the time, and that's ok) you can't expect to get 100% from your customers.  If you have a bad day, your tips are going to be bad.  If you have a fabulous day, your tips will reflect that as well.  That is part of choosing a REAL job in the service industry.

Kaina... Kainalu55

What was the server like? I must say, I do tip well, 15% at least as long as I get good service. If the waiter is rude or not helpful and not doing their job, they get no tip!

Kaina... Kainalu55

As for the written tip, that was uncalled for

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